McCullough Focuses on Pressure to Increase Sustainability in Sport Facilities

Written by Laura Paskin
September 22, 2015

Master of Sport Administration and Leadership Professor Brian McCullough published "Considering the Social Impact of the Sustainable Stadium Design," with Professors Timothy Kellison and Sylvia Trendafilova, in the International Journal of Event Management Research. The article investigates the influence of social pressures on decision makers in sport organizations to implement environmental sustainability practices in new construction or retrofitting of sport facilities.
"As the environmental movement continues to grow steadily around the world, sports organizations are facing an increasing number of calls to reduce the negative impacts of their facilities and events on the natural environment," McCullough said. "The sport industry is now getting ready to embrace to environmental issues."

To meet this growing need for professionals with the expertise to establish and enhance the sustainability practices of sport organizations, the College of Arts and Sciences offers a graduate Certificate in Sport Sustainability Leadership. The first of its kind in the world, the 15-credit online program addresses the global concern for increased environmental and ecological sustainability in the sport industry. Most students complete the program in 9 months.
McCullough, who received his PhD from Texas A&M, is a leader in the field of sport sustainability. His research and scholarship focus on the managerial decision-making processes involving environmental sustainability initiatives among upper management and using the context of sport to influence everyday environmental behaviors of sport fans. He has published in numerous books including Sport Management and the Natural Environment: Theory and Practice (2015, Routledge) and Contemporary Sport Management (2014, Human Kinetics). His research has appeared in the Journal of Sport Management, Sport & Communication, International Journal of Sport Management & Marketing, and Quest, and others.

McCullough joined the faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences in 2014. He holds a joint appointment in the Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability.

McCullough, Secretary of the North American Society for Sport Management, is also the founder of Forwarding Sport Sustainability, LLC, a consulting business helping sport organizations understand sport spectator environmental behaviors and increase fan engagement with a sport organization?s sustainability initiatives.

The College of Arts and Sciences, the largest college in Seattle University, offers more than 80 undergraduate degrees, 7 master's degrees, and 3 graduate certificates. The Certificate in Sport Sustainability is administered by the Master of Sport Administration and Leadership.