Hung Publishes on Sartre

Written by Laura Paskin
April 7, 2015

Philosophy Professor Wai-Shun Hung published "What is Literature? Revisited: Sartre on the Language of Literature" in the Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology (March 2015). In his article, Hung re-examined Sartre's famous distinction between prose and poetry in the light of his earlier analyses of perceptual and linguistic meaning and argued that Sartre hasn't overcome the problems associated with this distinction even in his later writings.

"Our experience, Sartre argues, is that of seeing things in a picture rather than seeing through it, such that the meaning of pictures and images in general is embodied in them and cannot be separated from them," Hung wrote. "This article argues that Sartre later sees poetry as a deviation from language's proper function."

Hung, who received his PhD from the University of Cambridge, joined the faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences in 2007. He focuses his research and scholarship on 20th century French philosophers.

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