DeFilippis Publishes on Same-Sex Marriage

Written by Laura Paskin
September 24, 2015

Social Work Professor Joseph DeFilippis published a book chapter and article on same sex marriage. Both pieces look critically at the same-sex marriage campaigns, raising concerns about the implications that gay marriage activism will have for other (non-married) LGBT families and non-traditional heterosexual families.

In "Notes on the same-sex marriage movement: Concerns for feminist social workers," published in Affilia, Journal of Women and Social Work with B Anderson-Nathe and M.Panichelli, he uses a feminist and social work lens to critique the emphasis among some LGBTQ communities to focus predominantly on marriage equality rather than other pressing needs, and the way in which the promotion of marriage has actually harmed other non-married family structures.

He also published "Wedding bells are breaking up that old gang of mine" in Untangling the Knot: Queer Voices on Marriage, Relationships & Identity (2015, Ooligan Press). The anthology includes the voices of many individuals who are underrepresented in the conversation about LGBTQ rights.

"There has been an intense focus on marriage equality in the public discourse, often to the detriment of many members of the LBGTQ community," De Filippis noted. "It?s long past the time to look beyond the marriage issue to address deep, underlying concerns."

DeFilippis, who received his MSW from Hunter College (NY) and his PhD from Portland State University, focuses his teaching on policy advocacy, social work macro practice, and social justice issues related to social work. He has published in academic books and journals on his research on gender issues, activism, poverty, and same-sex marriage. He is the founding Executive Director of Queers for Economic Justice.

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