Liberal Studies Students Receive Accolades for Research

Written by Laura Paskin
May 22, 2014

Nine Liberal Studies students were inducted into the Alpha Iota Sigma National Honor Society on May 19, 2014. The society recognizes outstanding academic achievement in the field of interdisciplinary studies.

“Seattle University’s Liberal Studies program is the first and only bachelor’s degree on the West Coast to qualify for a chapter of Alpha Iota Sigma,” said Professor Sven Arvidson, Liberal Studies program director. “Liberal Studies majors must meet the academic requirements of the honor society, together with endorsements by faculty members, to be selected to induction into this respected society.”

The 2014 inductees and their final research projects were:

  • Justine Devers: Come unity: An exploration of transformational music festivals as model communities for social change
  • Theresa Endoso: Gangs reimagined: Critiquing the counter-productive approach of criminalizing a culture
  • Ali Fragoso: The value of education in America: Addressing market failure in K-12 public schools
  • Katherine Granath: Porn and prejudice: Positive intentional relationships with pornography
  • Allason Leitz: The greatest silence…or is it? The international discourse on violence in the DR Congo and female representations in documentary film
  • Tyler Russell: Appreciating the punk rock scene: An interdisciplinary approach
  • Robin Curry: Understanding the challenges of educating children in poor areas: An interdisciplinary examination of the social and psychological effects of poverty on children
  • Danae Hackett: Let them eat junk food: An interdisciplinary approach to nutritional accessibility in the United States
  • Taylor Barkee: The imagination of the American penis: An interdisciplinary approach to addressing why men desire child prostitutes

Induction into Alpha Iota Sigma, a component of the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies, is based on scholarship, community engagement, and leadership in solving complex problems.

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