Halling Publishes on the Phenomenon as Muse

Written by Laura Paskin
June 2, 2014

Psychology Professor Steen Halling published “The Phenomenon as Muse: On Being Open to ‘Friendly Invasion’” in the Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology.

“As qualitative researchers, we are often are enchanted with technology and its promise of control,” Halling said. “The Greeks knew that they did not have mastery of the Muses; similarly, the phenomena we study are not in our grasp. We are apt to delude ourselves into thinking that with sufficient effort mastery might be within our reach.”

Halling, a licensed psychologist, has been on the Psychology faculty for more than 35 years. A prolific scholar, his research and publications center on the psychology of forgiveness, phenomenological study of psychopathology, psychology of hopelessness, interpersonal relations, and qualitative research methods. He is editor of the International Human Science Research Conference Newsletter. Halling currently teaches in the MA Psychology program, which is based on the existential-phenomenological therapeutic approach.

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