Creative Writing Students Meet Top Authors at International Conference

April 4, 2014

More than 50 undergraduates participated in the Association of Writers and Writing Programs annual conference, held this winter in Seattle. They joined English Department faculty for the four-day meeting which is the largest literary conference in North America. More than 13,000 people attended the conference that featured Pulitzer Prize winners, best-selling authors, book readings, presentations on the creative writing process, and the challenges of translators. The conference bookfair drew more than 700 print and online publishers.

“Students were able to connect directly with writers involved in all genres of fiction and nonfiction as well as film, poetry, and theater,” said Creative Writing Professor Susan Meyers. “With the conference in our backyard, we were also able to showcase our work here in the English Department.”

Student were excited to have the opportunity to attend panels on topics as wide ranging as tips for publishing to the lines between genre and literary fiction to contemporary trends in travel writing.

“To find such a diverse set of experts willing to discuss the various intricacies of writing the 21st century is impossible in any other setting,” said Joseph Kirk, a senior Creative Writing major.

Beyond the lectures and discussions, the conference “was a hotbed for networking and picking up useful information to inspire and carry one further along in their writing journey,” added classmate Chelsea Booker.

The College of Arts and Sciences offers 41 undergraduate degrees and 6 master’s degrees. The English Department offers degrees in English literature, creative writing, and film studies.