Kasumi Featured in World Printmaking Tour

Written by Laura Paskin
March 15, 2013

Digital Art and Design Professor Naomi Kasumi is a featured artist at exhibitions in Japan and throughout the world, beginning in June. At the start of the Kokoro-no-Mori Museum International Printmaking Exhibition World Tour in Kyoto, she will demonstrate her installation process before an audience in addition to showing her work.

“I have never demonstrated my installation process in front of an audience. My installation process is a part of a ritual I usually go through alone,” Kasumi said. “This particular piece ‘MEM: memory memorial no.11 mandala’ takes about 10 hours to install on the floor without any tools or equipment. I have to demonstrate right after my arrival in Japan with a heavy jet-lag that will be a physical and emotional challenge. However, it will be very interesting to see how Japanese audiences actually react when they see an ‘artist-at-work’ or ‘artwork-in-progress.’”

The Kokoro-no-Mori Museum, established in January 2013 in Kyoto, is dedicated to the art of printmaking, traditional hand print and/or digital print. From June 2013 to June 2014, the Kokoro-no-Mori Museum International Printmaking Exhibit World Tour exhibition will travel throughout Japan, Europe, and North and South America.

“It is exciting that the Kokoro-no-Mori Museum's world tour will give me wonderful opportunities to introduce my work to the wider audiences in the world as well as to meet many people and artists in the places I will go and exhibit,” Kasumi said.

Kasumi, who received her MFA from the University of Oregon, joined the faculty in the Fine Arts Department in 2003. She has exhibited throughout Japan and the United States. She recently completed an installation memorial on the one-year anniversary of the devastating tsunami in Japan.

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