Collins Enlists Pop Culture in New Book on Crime and Justice in the City

August 19, 2013

Criminal Justice Professor Peter Collins just published the anthology Crime and Justice in the City as Seen Through The Wire (Carolina Academic Press, 2013). The book, co-edited with David Brody, focuses on the interrelationships between crime, race, ethnicity, urban inequality, and poverty. It also examines drug policy, harm reduction strategies, and police culture and practice.
‘The Wire is a nitty-gritty police drama that provides an excellent vehicle for studying the complex nature of the criminal justice system,” Collins said. “The show pulls no punches.”

Collins joined the faculty in the Criminal Justice department in 2011. He received his Ph.D. from Washington State University and focuses his scholarship on criminal law, policy analysis, criminal justice management and practice, and juvenile justice and corrections. “Crime and Justice in the City as Seen Through The Wire” is his second book.

The College of Arts and Sciences, the largest college in Seattle University, offers 42 undergraduate majors, 37 minors. The college also offers 6 master’s degrees,  including an MA in Criminal Justice, and a post-baccalaureate Certificate in Crime Analysis.