Center for Strategic Communications Confronts Family Homelessness

Written by Laura Paskin
October 8, 2013

The Center for Strategic Communications is entering its fifth year of communication and advocacy work to end family homelessness and support vulnerable families in Washington state. Through a new $175,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the center’s Project on Family Homelessness can continue to provide communications consulting services to organizations working to prevent and reduce family homelessness in Washington.

“This latest grant sustains our efforts to strengthen the communications capabilities and effectiveness of local organizations directly involved in family homelessness,” said Barry Mitzman, center director. “Our faculty, staff, and students can now continue their work with community groups to raise awareness of the critical issues surrounding family homelessness and vulnerable families in our state.”

The project has worked with local organizations, such as Columbia Legal Services, Housing Development Consortium, Firesteel/YWCA and Washington Low Income Housing Alliance, in this effort. In addition, the center continues to create successful community events such as the recent visit to Seattle by renowned teen artist Inocente, who was featured in this year’s Academy Award-winning documentary Inocente.

The Project on Family Homelessness works closely with campus initiatives, including the Faith & Family Homelessness Project in the School of Theology & Ministry and the new Film & Family Homelessness Project, also based in the Center for Strategic Communications. Through partnerships with other campus entities such as the Seattle University Youth Initiative and the Poverty Education Center, these programs enable the university to expand its leadership role in serving vulnerable families in Washington state.

The Center for Strategic Communications, housed in the Communication Department, focuses on public advocacy that advances the university’s mission to empower leaders for a just and humane world.

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