May 29: A Zoom sharing of "Marisol" by José Rivera

Written by Karen L. Bystrom
May 21, 2020

May 297:00 p.m. a Zoom sharing including a reading of the play, "Marisol" by José Rivera

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The need to keep connecting and making art in these times prompted the theatre program at Seattle University to continue to work remotely on our planned spring production of "Marisol" by José Rivera. Embarking from a place of curiosity and adventure, diving into reservoirs of resilience, the faculty and students adapted our usual rehearsal/production process into the virtual world.  Each area of production delved into the play through research and creative projects; and the cast delved into virtual rehearsals, exploring the text and characters.

No one has seen the moon for months. All the food tastes like salt. God is frail and dying and the angels have gone to war. This is the landscape in which we encounter Marisol, a young professional living in the Bronx, who is just trying to survive. How will she survive a disintegrating world that has been thrown off its physical, ethical and spiritual moorings? Initially written in 1992, José Rivera’s apocalyptic fantasia, -- part absurdist, part magical realism – is eerily relevant today as an exploration of a society facing isolation, ecological peril and deep civil discord.

Poster for the play Marisol with stars on black background and quote from the play