Matteo Ricci Institute Creates New Peer Advisor Program

Written by Matteo Ricci Institute
March 26, 2019

The Matteo Ricci Institute implemented a new peer mentor program this year. Two students, currently enrolled in a Humanities degree program, serve as peer mentors to the first- and second-year students in the department.

"The Peer Mentor program allows our first-time-in-college and sophomore students to connect with a junior or senior student and benefit from their insights and experience,” said Dr. Paulette Kidder, Matteo Ricci Institute Director. “ We are fortunate to have Maddy Mele and Clare Lyons as the first students in this role."

Each peer mentor is assigned to a group of students within an academic year and acts as a support for the students they are assigned. The peer mentors talked about their experiences.

Maddy Mele, Humanities for Teaching Major Class of 2019
Headshot of student Maddy Mele

"As a peer mentor for Matteo Ricci Institute, I served as a student resource for academic and personal questions or concerns. I love working with MRI, and the community that they have created. I will be graduating in the Spring but cannot wait to see what MRI's future holds!"

Clare Lyons, Humanities Major Class of 2019

Headshot of student Clare Lyons

"To be a peer mentor means to be a helping hand! When I first received this position, I was so excited because it is new and different for Matteo Ricci Institute. There is a lot of freedom with what we can do to make our work unique and beneficial for the community. I have the greatest time reaching out to students to guide them toward their greatest potential, planning a whole lot of festive parties, and continuously thinking about and planning out our new ideas! I will certainly miss MRI following my graduation this spring, but I know that this new chapter for the Institute is only the beginning of an incredible future! Go, Redhawks!"

Congratulations to both Maddy and Clare on their upcoming graduation.

This story was originally published in the Matteo Ricci Institute Winter 2019 Newsletter. Take a look at photos from the MRI Student Appreciation event recently hosted by our peer mentors and read the rest of the newsletter here.