Eight Faculty Members Receive Student Assistantship Awards

Written by Karen L. Bystrom
February 14, 2019

Dr. Sonora Jha, Associate Dean for Academic Community, College of Arts and Sciences, and Professor, Department of Communication, recently announced the recipients of this year’s College of Arts & Sciences Student Assistantship Awards.

Headshots of faculty receiving 2019 Student Assistantship Awards

Dr. Victor Evans, Communication and Media (Documentary project - "I want my QueerTV": The Impact of Media Images on LGBTQ Youth)

Shawn Johnson, Theater (Collaborative hybrid performance piece/ Time to Tell)

Dr. Olha Krupa, Institute of Public Service (Education Funding Disparities in Washington School Districts: Examining the Effects of the McLeary Decision)

Dr. Jasmine Mahmoud and Roxanne Hornbeck, Arts Leadership (Displacement and Gentrification of PoC Artists and Arts Organizations within Capitol Hill and the Central District)

Dr. William Parkin, Criminal Justice (Media Coverage of Indigenous Female Homicide Victims)

Dr. Aakanksha Sinha, Social Work (Childcare as a Women's Rights Issue: An Examination of Labor Force Participation Among Women and the Impact of Child Care)

Dr. Kevin Ward, Institute of Public Service (A Systematic Review of Nonprofit Advocacy Research Methods)

These assistantships support faculty scholarship and creative work. Submissions were assessed on meeting criteria including learning opportunities for the student, equitable distribution of research assistantships among faculty, and potential of the work to lead to a peer-reviewed publication or presentation of work.

The awards were determined by a Committee made up of last year's award recipients, Drs. Caitlin Carlson, Serena Cosgrove, Hazel Hahn, Mary-Antoinette Smith, and Kirsten Thompson. The process was also supported by Kate Reynolds.