Seattle University marks Darwin Day, February 12

Written by Karen L. Bystrom
January 30, 2018

Charles DarwinSeattle University marks Darwin Day, an international celebration that commemorates Charles Darwin's birth with an event on February 12 in the Popko Lounge in Lemieux Library.

Co-organized by Molly Clark Hillard, PhD, English Department and Kristin Hultgren, PhD, Biology Department, the program will feature talks by College of Arts and Sciences faculty Dr. Hillard, Ted Fortier, PhD, Julie Homchick, PhD, and Charles Tung, PhD, and Dr. Hultgren. In a time when scientific knowledge is under direct threat, we take International Darwin Day as an opportunity to examine anew (and with a critical eye) Darwin's contributions to our various disciplines.

Darwin Day is celebrated around the world as an opportunity to highlight Darwin's contribution to science and to promote science in general.  Darwin Day is an important opportunity to host Seattle U’s own interdisciplinary and intercollegial celebration.  Lemieux Library is creating a display of Seattle U’s first edition copy of On the Origin of Species (and the rest of the Lemieux Library Special Collections holdings on Darwin). The February 12 events includes a  brief set of speakers on Darwin, evolution, and science, featuring faculty in English, Biology, Communications, and Anthropology/Sociology. These short remarks will treat such topics as aspects of Darwin's life as a scientist that shaped his theories, Darwin and the literature of time travel, and Darwin and race, slavery, and abolition.

Sponsored by the Lemieux Library, College of Science and Engineering, College of Arts and Sciences, and departments of English and Biology at Seattle University.