Arts and Sciences 2020 Fellowships Awarded to Eight Faculty Members

Written by Karen L. Bystrom
May 15, 2020

Dr. Sonora Jha, Professor, Department of Communication and Associate Dean for Academic Community announced the awardees of the College of Arts and Sciences' Summer Faculty Research Fellowships, the Promotion Fellowship, and the Dean’s Research Fellowships for 2020.

Promotion Fellowship 

  • Alexander Mouton, Associate Professor, Fine Arts (Digital Design) - Nationalism on the March: Photographing the Legacy of Stalin and Hitler While Reflecting on the Current American Moment.  

Dean's Research Fellowship (includes student assistantship)

  • Maureen Feit, Assistant Professor, Nonprofit Leadership  - Advocate and Protect: Community-Based Organizations Negotiate the Promise and Peril of Collaboration with U.S. Census 2020  
  • Eric Severson, Instructor, Philosophy - Before Ethics

Faculty Research Fellowship 

  • Serena Chopra, Assistant Professor, English - Poetry: Dayawati, Of Mercy
  • Rashmi Chordiya, Assistant Professor, Institute of Public Service  Enhancing Performance-Oriented Management: The Promise of New Public Management Reforms 
  • Anne Farina, Assistant Professor, Master of Social Work - Perceptions of Resilience Among Salvadoran Women  
  • Allison Meyer, Associate Professor, English - Book Building and the Early Modern Construction of Religious Difference 
  • Jerome Veith, Senior Instructor, Philosophy -  Wide Trauma and Witnessing 

Our thanks to the members of the Committee that selected the awardees from a significantly large number of applicants this year. The Committee was made up of most of the awardees from last year - Drs. Victor Evans, Serena Cosgrove, Onur Bakiner, Helen Liu, Nova Robinson, Hazel Hahn, Jennifer Schulz, and Rick Malleus.