2023 College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Research Fellowships

Photos of faculty receiving fellowships
Written by Karen L. Bystrom
April 24, 2023

Congratulations to this year's recipients of Arts and Sciences Fellowships.

Promotion Fellowship: assists Associate Professors develop their scholarly productivity toward the rank of Full Professor.

  • Dr. Christina Roberts, Associate Professor, English Department, for projects on (1) the role of the Duwamish River in the development narratives of the city of Seattle, and (2) the role of Indigenous labor, particularly Indigenous sex workers, in early Seattle history.   

Dean's Research Fellowships: provides funds for faculty to work with students on faculty scholarship, providing the student an experience of scholarly research while advancing the faculty member’s scholarly work.

  • Dr. Hidy Basta, Clinical Associate Professor and Writing Center Director - Multilingual and Translingual Frameworks in Asynchronous One-to-One Consultations
  • Dr. Fade Eadeh, Assistant Professor, Psychology Department - How Do Threats Shape Political Beliefs?

Faculty Research Fellowships: supports peer reviewed publication or, in the case of the arts, jury-reviewed presentation.

  • Dr. Gary Kinte Perry, Associate Professor, Anthropology and Sociology Department- Why Black Space Matters
  • Professor Naomi Kasumi, Professor, Art and Art History Department - Journey Through the Land
  • Dr. Chengxin Xu, Assistant Professor, Institute of Public Service - A Field Experiment on Discrimination against Asian Immigrants in the US Health Care Market
  • Dr. Helen Liu, Associate Professor, Communication and Media Department - Corporate Social Advocacy, Media Coverage, and Consumer Response

Thank you to this year's Selection Committee, whose job was unenviable, given the excellence of the several applications received. The Committee was drawn from last year's recipients of the fellowships - Dr. Carlyn Ferrari, Dr. Rashmi Chordiya, Dr. Rebecca Cobb, Dr. Victor Evans, Dr. Audrey Hudgins, and Dr. Yitan Li and to Kate Reynolds for all her help with facilitation of this process.