2021 All College Day Recognizes Milestones and Accomplishments

Written by Karen L. Bystrom
June 9, 2021

Arts and Sciences faculty and staff joined this year’s virtual All College Day on June 4 to celebrate the year and recognize colleagues with a number of awards.

Arts and Sciences Student Executive Council (SEC) Awards

  • Teacher of the Year Award: Caitlin Carlson, PhD, Associate Professor, Communication and Media
  • Advisor of the Year Award: Lauren Van Fossen, Academic Advisor, Arts and Sciences Advising
  • Staff of the Year Award: Verna McKinnon-Hipps, Administrative Assistant, Communication and Media

All College Day Awards

  • Outstanding Academic Advising: Becky McNamara, PhD, Lecturer, Matteo Ricci Institute
  • Outstanding Contract Faculty: Amiya Brown, MFA, Instructor, Performing Arts and Arts Leadership
  • Outstanding Teaching: Alexandra Smith, PhD, Assistant Director, Writing Center and Instructor, English
  • Outstanding Scholarship: Caitlin Carlson, PhD, Associate Professor, Communication and Media
  • Outstanding Service: Serena Cosgrove, PhD, Associate Professor, International Studies; Director, Latin American Studies; Faculty Coordinator, Central America Initiative
  • Outstanding Collegiality: Rosa Joshi, PhD, Chair, Performing Arts and Arts Leadership; Professor, Theatre
  • Outstanding Staff Award: All Arts and Sciences Staff: Jonathan Bechtol, Aly Bedford, Shawn Bell, Bob Boehler, Karen Bystrom,  Angela Cabatbat, Katie Chapman, Thorne Clayton-Falls, Sarah Curtis-Tilton, Kate Elias, Lisa Ferrin, Kimberly Gawlik, Laura Hauck Vixie, Katie Hoag, Sally Hogan, Johnica Hopkins, Kathleen Jones, Christina Juarez, Cay Lane, Edra Lyons, Molly Mac, Sean Machak, Reine Mages, Anna McCain, Sarah McKinley, Verna McKinnon-Hipps, Sarah Miranda, Nicole Moses, John Nettles, Em Olson, Lee Peterson, Melissa Poquiz, Heather Reis Fike, Kate Reynolds, Naomi Rosenberg, Lauren Van Fossen, and Carol Zink
  • Dean's Award: Lisa Ferrin, Academic Program Manager and Sean Machak, MA, Exercise Scientist and Laboratory Supervisor, Kinesiology

Dean David Powers also recognized the Strategic Planning Committee for their service in 2020-21:

  • Natalie Cisneros, Co-Chair
  • Joseph DeFilippis, Co-Chair
  • Sonia Barrios-Tinoco
  • Angela Cabatbat
  • Justin Crippen
  • Emma Hanson
  • Nalini Iyer
  • Sonora Jha
  • Alex Johnston
  • Rosa Joshi
  • Charles Lawrence
  • Jasmine Jamillah Mahmoud
  • Sarah McKinley
  • Verna McKinnon-Hipps
  • Nova Robinson
  • Maria Tedesco
  • Estella Williamson

Faculty promotions were also celebrated.

New Emeriti Faculty

  • Ken Liang, PhD

Promoted to Professor

  • Angelique Davis, JD, Political Science; Associate Appointment, Global African Studies, Pre-Law Program, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
  • Mary-Antoinette Smith, PhD, English and Women and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Tenured and Promoted to Associate Professor

  • Elizabeth Dale, PhD, Nonprofit Leadership
  • Joseph DeFilippis, PhD, Social Work
  • Nova Robinson, PhD, International Studies; Associate Appointment, History; Affiliated with Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Promoted to Senior Instructor

  • Janice Moskalik, PhD, Philosophy
  • Patrick Schoettmer, PhD, Political Science
  • Eric Severson, PhD, Philosophy