2021-22 Naef Scholarships Awarded

Written by Karen L Bystrom
June 15, 2021

Congratulation to the 2021-22 Naef Scholarship recipients, including 16 College of Arts and Sciences students.

The Naef Scholarship Program, made possible by an endowment from the estate of Sue M. Naef, recognizes outstanding junior and senior students from diverse backgrounds in the undergraduate schools and programs of the University. Every Naef Scholar is committed to social justice leadership in their community and maintains a GPA of 3.4 or above. As a group, the scholars hold endorsements from faculty and staff across the university and have been recognized for their work on and off campus and their leadership. The Naef Scholarship Selection Committee chooses these scholars after an extensive application and interview process.

College of Arts and Sciences recipients of the 2022-22 Naef Scholarship:

  • Nicholas Andino* -Senior, Sociology
  • Teresa Buchholz*, Senior, Psychology
  • Matthew Conde, Junior, Communication and Media
  • Keira Cruickshank, Senior, Creative Writing, Sociology
  • Cullin Egge, Junior, Arts & Sciences, Social Work, Spanish
  • Hallie Evans*–Senior, International Studies, Spanish
  • Isabel Gilbertson, Junior, Psychology, Public Affairs
  • Audrey Graves, Junior, Psychology
  • Izzy Halaka, Junior, International Studies, Political Science
  • Madeleine Magana, Junior, Public Affairs
  • JP Newmann, Senior, Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies
  • Emily Nielsen*Senior, Public Affairs
  • Julia Sant, Senior, Social Work
  • Celia Simpson*, Senior, Criminal Justice
  • Grace Stuewe, Senior, Interdisciplinary Arts, Psychology
  • Sheera Tamura, Senior, Social Work

* Returning Naef Scholar