2020 All College Day Recognizes Awards and Accomplishments

Written by Karen L. Bystrom
June 18, 2020

Arts and Sciences held its annual All College Day virtually this year, with more than 100 faculty and staff members attending. Recognition during the event included:

Arts and Sciences Student Executive Council (SEC) Awards

  • Teacher of the Year Award: Jen Schulz, PhD
  • Advisor of the Year Award: Roxy Hornbeck, MFA
  • Staff of the Year Award: Kate Reynolds

College Awards

  • Outstanding Academic Advising Award: Elaine Gunnison, PhD
  • Outstanding Contract Faculty Award: Hidy Basta, PhD
  • Outstanding Teaching Award: Marc McCleod, PhD
  • Outstanding Scholarship Award: Tanya Hayes, PhD
  • Co-Outstanding Service Awards: Maureen Feit, PhD, and María Bullón Fernández, PhD
  • Outstanding Collegiality Award: Christina Juarez, Senior Administrative Assistant, Matteo Ricci Institute
  • Outstanding Staff Award: Karen Bystrom, Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Dean’s Award: Hannah Tracy, PhD

New Emeriti Faculty

  • Gordon Miller, PhD, Environmental Studies
  • Andrew Tadie, PhD, English

Promoted to Full Professor

  • Sven Arvidson, PhD, Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies
  • Kathy Cook, PhD, Psychology
  • Tanya Hayes, PhD, Environmental Studies, Institute of Public Service
  • Matthew Hickman, PhD, Criminal Justice
  • Sarah Shultz, PhD, Kinesiology
  • Charles Tung, PhD, English

Tenured & Promoted to Associate Professor

  • Onur Bakiner, PhD, Political Science
  • Serena Cosgrove, PhD, International Studies
  • Michael Jaycox, PhD, Theology & Religious Studies
  • Claire LeBeau, PhD, Psychology

Promotion to Senior Instructor

  • Henry Kamerling, PhD, History

New Clinical Associate Professor

  • Audrey Hudgins, PhD, EdD

Dean Powers recognized the service of outgoing Associate Dean for Arts and Humanities, Ken Liang, PhD.

Sonora Jha, PhD, Associate Dean for Academic Community, also presented Dean David Powers with recognition from Faculty Staff Senate and the Executive Committee for his communication, ​leadership, and shared governance in a time of crisis.