2018 Imagining the World Awards Announced

Written by Karen L. Bystrom
May 3, 2019

In the College of Arts and Sciences, our passion for understanding the global community influences all we do. We encourage our students, faculty, and staff to actively engage with diverse cultures around the world through faculty-led programs abroad, language studies, partnerships around the globe, service learning, International Studies, student and faculty exchanges, internships, and Xavier Global House. Arts and Sciences has led the university in its effort to develop an international focus.

The annual Imagining the World: Study Abroad and International Photography Competition highlights our college's participation in the global community. Through this contest, students, faculty, and staff capture more than a moment in their experience—they share with us a very personal window into a world. Current Seattle U students who have participated in a study abroad program while attending SU, or are currently international students attending SU, as well as faculty and staff, submit photos that address the theme: "Imagining the World."

The judges for the 11th annual competition were Terry Divyak, owner of Shutter Tours, photographer; Greg Gilbert, Seattle Times photographer; Jane Perovich, Senior Photo Editor at Getty Images; Sarah Hoffman, photojournalist and producer, KCTS/Crosscut; and Jeffrey Phillips, photographer and owner of All About Images in Mt. Dora, Florida.

The recipients of the 2018 competition were announced at a public reception on April 30.

Recipients of the 2018 Imagining the World Awards

Study Abroad

First Place

Hillary Sturgeon

  • Senior
  • International Studies
  • Program:  Comillas University Exchange
  • Photo Title:  Fiesta de la Trashumancia
  • Location: Madrid, Spain

I have always used photography as a way to share my own personal experiences of beauty, joy, discomfort, passion, and growth around the world. I hope that through my images I can share a visceral experience of what it is like to stand in the middle of the city center as thousands of sheep are herded by right in front of you, or how it feels to be utterly surrounded by nationalist pride during a time of extreme national division, or the experience of coming upon a shockingly beautiful sunset while wandering a new city alone. I am thankful for a study abroad experience that fostered so much personal growth through the exploration of numerous areas of diverse cultures, histories, and traditions all over the world.

Shepherd and sheep move through town 

Second Place

Emily LaRoche

  • Senior
  • Environmental Studies and Photography
  • Program: Arcadia University
  • Photo Title: Chess in the Bath
  • Location: Széchenyi Thermal Bath, Budapest

When in Scotland one thing I found was the ease and closeness to all of the different countries and different cultures so close by. In my selected photos, I have some of the different locations that this opportunity abled me to go. I feel privileged to have had an experience like this!

People playing chess in swimming pool 

Third Place

Annie Jamison

  • Junior
  • International Studies and French
  • Program:  French in France
  • Photo Title:  Caught in a Swiss Parade
  • Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Moving to Grenoble, a small city at the base of the French Alps was a huge change of perspective for me. I lived with my host parents and their two cats in a fifth floor apartment on the outskirts of town. During my time there, I experienced the joys of skiing and snowshoeing in the mountains, the thrill of traveling with unforgettable friends, and the politics of European university strikes. The program concluded with a road trip around Morocco that can only be described as a synthesis of the senses. Northern Africa gave me an education on culture, color, tradition, and humanity like no class I have ever taken. I will definitely be going back.

Female figure surrounded by confetti 

International Students

First Place

Raghad Ashoor

  • Home: Saudi Arabia
  • Senior
  • Civil Engineering
  • Photo Title: Seattle Freeze
  • Location: Downtown, Seattle, WA

Although I've been living in Seattle for several years, I continue to be struck by the natural beauty and the human struggle all around me. I hope these images convey some of the pain and the triumph of the people here.

People outside and inside of Starbucks restaurant 

Second Place

Yibo Sheng

  • Home: China
  • Junior
  • Computer Science
  • Photo Title: Aurora
  • Location: Fairbanks, Alaska

Each trip was an unexpected adventure to me. I was fortunate to record some of those memories with images. I was always surprised by those breathtaking sceneries and fascinating culture during the journey of exploring the world. I am fortunate I can share some of those interesting experiences and stories with others through these images.

Northern lights in Alaska 

Third Place

Crystal (Sujung) Choi

  • Home: Korea
  • Graduate Student
  • PMBA Albers School of Business
  • Photo Title: Blue, green and piece of my mind 
  • Location: Utah

True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future.

Desert butte in Utah 


Marc Cohen

  • Department: Management / Philosophy
  • Program: China Study Tour Group
  • Photo Title: Shenzhen Port (Yantian)
  • Location: Shenzhen, China

Many aspects of China are difficult to imagine: the Beijing alleys are often chaotic; rows of shipping containers supply the world economy with consumer goods; Shenzhen is a city four times the size of Seattle built in less than 40 years.

Shipping containers on truck and in shipyard 

Study Abroad Honorable Mentions

Annie Jamison

  • Junior
  • International Studies and French
  • Program:  French in France
  • Photo Title:  Laughing through Ramadan
  • Location: Rabat, Morocco

Happy man with surfboards

Sophie Jensen

  • Senior
  • Criminal Justice
  • Program:  ISA Salamanca
  • Photo Title:  Tinture et Fil
  • Location: Chefchaouen, Morocco

Shirt and bins of color

Nils Gollersrud

  • Senior
  • Humanities and Creative Writing; Film Studies Minor
  • Program:  St. Mary's University Exchange
  • Photo Title:  Cathedral to Nature
  • Location: Natural History Museum, London

Inside the National History Museum in London

Pearl Lee

  • Senior
  • Albers School of Business
  • Program: The Beijing Center
  • Photo Title: A Kid and a Bike
  • Location: Kashi, China

Child riding a bike in China

Hallie MacPherson

  • Junior
  • Psychology and Spanish
  • Program:  ISA Valencia
  • Photo Title #1: Facing the Moon
  • Location #1: Sahara Desert, Morocco

 Sunset on Sahara Desert

  • Photo Title #2: Help Another, Home
  • Location #2: Rome, Italy

People help right a scooter 

Taylor Maihui

  • Senior
  • Albers School of Business - Accounting and Marketing
  • Program:  MRC International Internship- Voluntario Global
  • Photo Title:  Bike City
  • Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Canal in Amsterdam

Nora Ridgeway

  • Senior
  • International Studies / Bachelor of Arts Humanities and Leadership
  • Program:  MSID Ecuador
  • Photo Title:  School Lunch
  • Location: La Comunidad de San Clemente, Ecuador

Cooking school lunch in Ecuador

Allie Schiele

  • Junior
  • Criminal Justice and Political Science
  • Program:  Summer Moroccan Studies
  • Photo Title:  Road Trip
  • Location: Merzouga, Morocco

Riding camels in the desert

Gerald Yip

  • Senior
  • Albers School of Business and Economics
  • Program: Albers China Study Tour
  • Photo Title: Calligraphy
  • Location: Shanghai, China (Old Town)

Man writing with calligraphy pen 

International Honorable Mentions

Raghad Ashoor

  • Home: Saudi Arabia
  • Senior
  • Civil Engineering
  • Photo Title: Paying Dues; Committed no Crime
  • Location: Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA

 Buskers play music at Pike Place Market

Yibo Sheng

  • Home: China
  • Junior
  • Computer Science
  • Photo Title: A Cozy Sleep
  • Location: La Jolla, CA

Sea lions on the rocks 

Crystal (Sujung) Choi

  • Home: Korea
  • Graduate Student
  • PMBA Albers School of Business
  • Photo Title: Sailing in the Dream
  • Location: Hawaii

Small boat with sunset in Hawaii 

Myeongju Lee

  • Home: South Korea
  • Junior
  • Communication
  • Photo Title: KENNETH WON $1,750! 
  • Location: San Francisco, CA

Riding transit in San Francisco 

Le Van Phu Lo (Linda)

  • Home: Vietnam
  • Junior
  • Albers School of Business and Economics - Accounting
  • Photo Title: Blue Angels Performance
  • Location: Madrona Park, Seattle, WA

Blue Angels Jets perform at Seafair Festival 

Yingtong (Angel) Zhong

  • Home: China
  • Junior
  • Political Science
  • Photo Title: Decay
  • Location: Seattle University, Seattle, WA

Close up of fall leaves