Second volume of the Seattle University Undergraduate Research Journal (SUURJ) debuts

Written by Karen L. Bystrom
Photography by Griffin Leemon
May 4, 2018

Molly Clark Hillard, Devon McCauley, Caroline Craighead, Emma Young work on SUURJThe Seattle University community is invited to the launch of the second volume of the Seattle University Undergraduate Research Journal (SUURJ) on May 11 at 9 a.m. in Student Center 160. The presentation if part of the kick-off event for Seattle University Undergraduate Association (SUURA), a celebration of student research. The launch will include a student-focused presentation on how to get involved as an editor or as a contributor.

SUURJ develops and publishes outstanding undergraduate research, providing a platform for students across disciplines to enter into larger academic conversations.  For more information about SUURJ, email Dr. Molly Clark Hillard  or visit the website.


  • 14 students joined the editing cohort in fall quarter.
  • 11 students went on to edit and produce Volume 2 to completion.
  • 5 faculty advisory board members from A&S, S&E, Albers, Library, and University Core participated
  • 10 faculty content editors worked with student editors and authors to shape the final essays.
  • 19 submissions were received in October of 2017.
  • A professional graphic designer (2016 SU alumnus in Digital Design) designed Vol. 2.
  • 10 essays were accepted from 7 majors and the Core: mechanical engineering, interdisciplinary studies, psychology, biology, theology and religious studies, international studies, and philosophy.
  • Essays cover topics such as: media bias towards protestors, middle school service learning, effects of heavy metal pollution on crustaceans, dream recollection, and civil disobedience.

Student comments

SUURJ 2018 cover image“So often will students pour hours of work, time, and effort into their research, whether that be in the lab or the library, only to show it to one or two other people. SUURJ is a platform that celebrates such effort, and publishes it for all to see.” Wiley Martin, 2017 Editor

“To me, SUURJ was a great way to explore a career path that I am interested in. Through the course I not only learned the basics of copyediting, but I was also able to apply this knowledge to an actual publication. I gained valuable job experience that will benefit me as I move on to work outside of the university setting.” Emily Boynton, 2017 Editor

“As an author, SUURJ meant an opportunity for my work to go through a thorough revision process and be seen by an audience beyond my professors and classmates. Upon joining the editorial team, SUURJ has become a project that I feel ownership over and a community of which I am an integral part.” Jesse Goncalves, 2017 Author and 2018 Editor

“It took me about three years to figure out that I wanted to go into the editing/publishing world after graduation. Because of this, I was really hesitant to join SUURJ; I was afraid that if I did I would find out that I didn't like it or that I wasn't good at it and I would have to go through the soul searching process all over again. As it turns out though, I'm so incredibly grateful for my involvement with SUURJ. It gave me confidence in myself and my future and set me on a path to truly finding what I'm most passionate about.” Mackenzie Reed, 2018 Editor

Photos by Griffin Leemon.