College of Arts and Sciences
Mission, Vision and Values

Arts & Sciences Leadership Council

  • David Powers, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

    David Chow, Director of Development

    Vivian Phillips (Chair)

    Hal Beals 

    Ann Blume 

    James J. Dykeman 

    Bill Eisiminger 

    Tina Leung 

    Nancy McKenney 

    Jean Merlino 

    Mary Ann Midori Goto

    Carolyn Hojaboom 

    Anne Phelps 

    Laura Rehrmann 

    Jeannie Ruckelshaus 

    Sharon Tomiko Santos 

    Ezra Teshome  

    Nancy Walton-House

    Heather Reis, Assistant to the Dean

    Lauren St.Pierre, Administrative Assistant