Tanya Hayes, PhD

PhD, Political Science and Public Affairs

Professor, Institute of Public Service
Director, Institute of Public Service
Program Director, Environmental Studies

Phone: 206.296.5485

Building/Room: Casey 210-05

Tanya Hayes CV


Tanya Hayes holds a joint PhD in Political Science and Public and Environmental Affairs from Indiana University, Bloomington (2007), where she specialized in policy analysis and natural resource management.  In addition, she holds a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from UCLA and a Bachelor of Arts in Politics from Whitman College.

Dr. Hayes’s research examines the institutional and socioeconomic aspects of environmental change and sustainable ecosystem management.  She has spent several years in Latin America living and working with peasant farmers and indigenous peoples on soil conservation and forest management.  With over ten years experience facilitating and researching natural resource management, Dr. Hayes’s expertise is in international and national conservation policies and their impacts on community resource management in developing countries.  Dr. Hayes’s research examines the impact of different protected area and property rights policies on forest conservation and the conditions that enable communities to self-govern their natural resource systems.  Currently, Dr. Hayes is assessing the impacts of incentive-based programs for forest conservation on private lands in the East Andes, Colombia. Her publications include a cross-national evaluation of the effectiveness of protected areas for forest conservation and findings from fieldwork in Honduras and Nicaragua on the ability of indigenous residents to conserve their forests.

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