Logan Natalie O’Laughlin, PhD

Logan O'Laughlin, PhD

PhD in Feminist Studies, University of Washington


Building/Room: Casey 130-08



Dr. O’Laughlin (they/them) completed their Ph.D. in Feminist Studies from the University of Washington in 2018, specializing in queer, anti-racist environmental studies. They have taught at the University of Washington and at Duke University on topics such as feminist environmentalisms, race and reproductive justice, queer theory, transnational feminisms and pop culture, masculinities, and writing for the social sciences. When not in the classroom (or thinking about the classroom), Dr. O’Laughlin is likely working on their book project, Toxic Animal Encounters: Queer Environmental Threats & Racialized Reproduction Anxieties, which examines contemporary panics about environmental toxins and their perceived effects on sex, sexuality, and reproduction in North America.