Douglas Peduti, SJ, PhD

PhD, Philosophy

Instructor, Philosophy

Phone: 206-296-5470

Building/Room: Casey 550-D



Born and raised in the Pittsburgh area, I was raised on a farm and enjoy the outdoors.  I earned a masters program focused on process philosophy from St. Louis University, sandwiched between undergraduate and PhD studies from Duquesne University.  A school that focuses on phenomenology, Duquesne fostered seeing and thinking differently.   Thus, my doctorate focused on Heidegger’s understanding of language, that more than a tool to communicate, language informs and transforms us.  Most recently I was an Assistant Professor of philosophy at Fairfield University, where I taught philosophy courses on language, self and subjectivity, existentialism, phenomenology, and Heidegger; I will continue teaching philosophy full time at Seattle.  My current project is translating Heidegger’s Seminar on time from GA 83.

I entered the Jesuits in 1983 and was ordained in 1996.  In my free time I enjoy the quiet times of reading and writing.   While here at Seattle I also hope to reclaim some of that past enthusiasm for the great outdoors.