Alexandra L. Adame, PhD

PhD, Clinical Psychology

Associate Professor, Psychology

Phone: 206.296.2551

Building/Room: HRDG 140G



Dr. Alexandra Adame teaches undergraduate courses in Intro Psych, Writing for Research, Lifestory Research, Intro to Counseling and Senior Seminar as well as supervising graduate level practicum students and teaching an elective seminar. Her research interests include mental health activism and advocacy, the work of Martin Buber, researcher reflexivity, and qualitative inquiry.

Teaching and Research Interests

Mental Health Advocacy, Researcher Reflexivity, Communities & Relationships, Martin Buber, Qualitative Inquiry 

Recent Publications

1) Adame, A. L., Bassman, R., Morsey, M., & Yates, K. (2017). Exploring identities of psychiatric survivor therapists: Beyond us and them. Houndmills, Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan.   

2) Cvetovac, M. E., & Adame, A. L. (in press). The wounded therapist: Understanding the relationship between personal suffering and clinical practice. The Humanistic Psychologist

3) Adame, A.L. (2016). “Present through it all”: A qualitative exploration of psychotherapy and psychosis. Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 1-18.

4) Zerubavel, N., & Adame, A. L. (2014). Fostering dialogue in psychology: The costs of dogma and theoretical preciousness. Qualitative Research in Psychology, 11, 178-188.

5) Adame, A. L. (2014). “There needs to be a place in society for madness”: The psychiatric survivor movement and new directions in mental health care. Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 54, 456-475.

6) Adame, A. L. (2012). The disappointed evangelist: Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love ambiguity. Reflective Practice: International and Multidisciplinary Perspectives, 13, 597-608.

7) Adame, A. L. (2011). Negotiating discourses: The dialectical identities of survivor-therapists. The Humanistic Psychologist. 39, 324-337.