Rashmi Chordiya, PhD

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PhD, Public Affairs

Assistant Professor

Building/Room: Casey 210-14

Rashmi Chordiya CV (PDF)


Rashmi Chordiya (She| Her) is an assistant professor of public administration at Seattle University's Institute of Public Service. Her teaching and scholarship are focused on embedding social justice movement visions and frameworks into critical academic scholarship to build strong foundations for theory and praxis of liberatory justice in public service and public administration contexts. She approaches diversity and social justice work from an embodied lens that is trauma-informed; healing centered and compassionately centers the margins. Her peer-reviewed journal articles are published in prestigious public administration journals [Google Scholar Link Here]. Her upcoming book is entitled Beyond Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Moving towards Liberatory Justice in Public and Nonprofit Organizations.

In past, she has worked in India on the implementation of two major federal policies- the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and the Higher Education Reform Policy. Her teaching interests span public and human resources management, organizational theory, and behavior, and advancing diversity, equity, inclusion and liberatory justice (DEILJ) in organizational and workplace contexts.