Claire Willey-Sthapit, PhD

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PhD, Social Welfare, MSSW


Phone: 206-296-2106

Building/Room: Casey 330

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Claire Willey-Sthapit’s (MSSW) scholarship centers translations between domestic violence research, policy, and practice, both within the United States and across national borders. Her dissertation drew on transnational feminist theory, participatory research principles, and her own family ties and previous work in Nepal, to examine how domestic violence service providers in Pokhara, Nepal negotiate between international policy and knowledge acquired through local practice. Employing analyses of international policy documents alongside primary data generated through Nepali-language interviews, focus groups, and observations with service providers, this dissertation informs contextually and culturally responsive domestic violence policy and programming.

Claire is also currently involved in research related to men's gender equitable attitudes and behaviors. Claire has been a sole instructor for coursework in direct social work practice and social work research, and is delighted to teach social justice and social welfare policy this year.