Faculty and Staff

Photo of Beverly Himick, PhD

Beverly Himick, PhD

PhD, Biological Sciences

Adjunct Professor, Criminal Justice, Criminology, and Forensics

Building/Room: Casey 4E

Photo of Katie Hoag

Katie Hoag

Graduate Program Coordinator, Social Work

Phone: 206-296-5539

Building/Room: Casey 310-06

Photo of Sally Hogan

Sally Hogan

Manager of Budget and Operations, Dean's Office

Phone: 206-296-5303

Building/Room: Casey 130-04

Photo of Randall Horton, PhD

Randall Horton, PhD

PhD, Psychology and Human Development

Program Director, Master of Arts in Psychology
Associate Professor, Psychology

Phone: 206-296-5397

Building/Room: HRDG 140H

Photo of Benjamin Howe, PhD

Benjamin Howe, PhD

PhD, Philosophy; Catholic University of Louvain

Director, Matteo Ricci Institute
Senior Instructor

Phone: 206-296-5407

Building/Room: Casey 130-03

Photo of Audrey Hudgins, EdD

Audrey Hudgins, EdD

EdD, Educational Leadership with a specialization in Non-profit Leadership, Seattle University
MS, Strategic Intelligence, National Intelligence University
BA, Business Administration with a specialization in Accounting, College of William and Mary, Virginia

Clinical Associate Professor

Phone: 206-296-5464

Building/Room: Casey 130-02

Photo of Le Xuan Hy, PhD

Le Xuan Hy, PhD

PhD, Social & Personality Psychology

Associate Professor, Psychology
Director, Institute for Human Development
Director, Catholic Studies

Phone: 206-296-5395

Building/Room: HRDG 140O

Photo of Jessica Ludescher Imanaka, PhD

Jessica Ludescher Imanaka, PhD

PhD, Philosophy

Associate Professor, Philosophy

Phone: 206-398-4311

Building/Room: PIGT 418

Photo of Dena Ingraham

Dena Ingraham

Administrative Assistant, Kinesiology Department

Building/Room: Casey 540-07

Photo of Nalini Iyer, PhD

Nalini Iyer, PhD

PhD, English

Professor, English
Associate Appointment, Asian Studies Program
Associate Appointment, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Phone: 206-220-8467

Building/Room: Casey 510-07

Photo of Sonora Jha, PhD

Sonora Jha, PhD

PhD, Media and Politics

Professor, Department of Communication
Associate Dean for Academic Community, College of Arts and Sciences

Phone: 206-296-5347

Building/Room: 1103 Building #305

Photo of Kathleen Jones

Kathleen Jones

Administrative Assistant, Theology and Religious Studies
Administrative Assistant, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Phone: 206-296-5327

Building/Room: Casey 230-10

Photo of Hye-Kyung Kang, MSW, PhD

Hye-Kyung Kang, MSW, PhD

PhD, Social Welfare

*On sabbatical for AY 2021-22
Chair, Department of Social Work
Director, Master of Social Work
Associate Professor

Phone: 206-296-5558

Building/Room: Casey 330-24

Photo of Naomi Kasumi

Naomi Kasumi

MFA, Visual Design

Professor, Art and Art History (Digital Design)
Associate Appointment, Asian Studies Program

Phone: 206-296-2282

Building/Room: Fine Arts 210

Photo of Kate Koppelman, PhD

Kate Koppelman, PhD

PhD, English

Associate Professor, English
Acting Chair, English Department
Associate Appointment, Medieval Studies
Associate Appointment, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Phone: 206-296-5476

Building/Room: Casey 510-09

Photo of Olha Krupa, PhD

Olha Krupa, PhD

PhD, Public Affairs

Director, Masters of Public Administration Program
Associate Professor, Institute of Public Service

Phone: 206-296-2509

Building/Room: Casey 210-07


Photo of Kevin Krycka, PsyD

Kevin Krycka, PsyD

PsyD, Clinical Psychology

Associate Dean for Social Sciences and Professional Programs
Professor, Psychology

Phone: 206-296-5398

Building/Room: HRDG 140J

Photo of Cay Lane, MFA

Cay Lane, MFA

MFA, Arts Leadership

Program Coordinator

Phone: 206-398-4995

Building/Room: Hunthausen 208