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  • SU Baseball: Fun with Family and Friends!

    Chris I went to my first SU baseball game a couple of weeks ago with some non-SU alumni friends of mine.  I had brought them to a basketball game in the past, but never to a baseball game.  All of them went to fairly large Division I sports schools, and they were pleasantly surprised to see a Division I Baseball game.

    We had played the BYU Cougars.  Although SU had lost the first 3 games of this series against a tough opponent, that did not stop me and my friends from travelling to Bannerwood Fields, Seattle U baseball's eastside fields, on a beautiful, sunny Saturday afternoon to watch my Redhawks for the first time.  They played an outstanding game with a strong offense scoring 5 runs, and only letting 2 runs in for BYU in the final inning of the game.  In addition to the game itself, there was a strong showing of Redhawk alums, which was good since BYU seems to travel well and had a good cohort of their own fans at the game.  It was well attended! 

    On a side note, for an extra $3, your admission ticket got you a hotdog, large soda, and popcorn!  You can't find a better deal anywhere else for a baseball game.  Try to beat that, Safeco field!

    Christopher Canlas, '01
    President, SU Alumni Board of Governors


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    J Hendrickson

    Posted on Thursday, May 10, 2012
    Thanks for coming to support the team, Christopher! Keep coming & bringing your friends! Way to go to all alumni!
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