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  • SU Loses a Great Teammate

     Carl Carl Ervin was true to Seattle U to the very end. Carl spoke with Ed O’Brien the day before he passed, remarking how wonderful it was for Seattle U's return to NCAA Division I after a 29 year absence. As a great high school and college basketball player, Carl was always an "assist guy" - the one player on the floor who made the other four teammates look good.  He is a Seattle U Hall of Famer because of his unique ability to pass the ball.  Carl was a winner, leading his high school and college teams to terrific seasons.

    I had a chance to see Carl and Penny a few weeks earlier when they visited the O’Brien Center.  He must have known how serious the illness was at that time but did not mention a word about it, neither did Penny. In fact, he was in good spirits, joking and seemingly full of life. My sense was that Carl did not want anyone to feel sorry for him. Carl talked about how important it was for Seattle U to be in the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) as a critical step for our program.  He was thrilled with the progress of the team, frequently stopped by to spend time with Cameron Dollar and watch practice. Carl always had a smile even through the pain and anguish of his illness.

    Most importantly, Carl is a great friend, teammate, father and husband. What a pleasure for all of us to have had Carl in our lives. He will be missed.

    Bill Hogan
    Director of Athletics
    Seattle University




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    Tony Philippsen

    Posted on Tuesday, July 05, 2011
    Carl Ervin was one of the last great Chieftains.  I still remember how glad I was when it was announced that  he and Jawann Oldham from his Cleveland High School team, which is still considered to be one of the best in Seattle's history, were coming to Seattle U.  A gracious gentleman and a credit to our beloved university.  My prayers and condolences to his family.
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