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  • Matteo Ricci Anniversary

     MRC Celebration
    The alumni of Matteo Ricci College enjoyed two days of events commemorating the 35thAnniversary of the founding of the college and the 400th Anniversary of their patron, Matteo Ricci.  Thursday, October 21, at the Inaugural Matteo Ricci College Lecture in the Humanities, Oxford University’s Rev. Antoni Ucerler S.J. spoke on the “Global Legacy of Matteo Ricci, A Jesuit Humanist’s Encounter with China.” Images, insights, and excerpts from original texts provided an almost personal encounter with Ricci.  On Friday, a hugely successful first Alumni Symposium brought together alums from throughout the history of the college – from the 1st graduating class through class 2010.  A professionally diverse panel of alumni addressed the ways in which the study of the humanities has impacted their life and work.  At the reception in the Paccar Atrium, alumni reconnected over great food, conversation, and a strolling magician.  If you have not already been to the 6th floor of the beautifully redesigned library, make sure to take the opportunity to see the stunning 6-panel Ricci map of the world, created with the permission of the Library of Congress from a detailed digital scan of Ricci’s original, hand-drawn map.  Alumni of Matteo Ricci College can be proud to know that this map, which Ricci himself considered to have a magical effect due to its size and format, was presented as a gift from Matteo Ricci College to the University.



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    Al Zappelli '71

    Posted on Friday, November 05, 2010
    I recall when Matteo Ricci College was founded as a collaborative initiative by Seattle University and Seattle Preparatory School and the two schools received an award for Educational Innovation from President Gerald Ford.  It is so good to see how the program has grown.  Thanks to the vision of the two Jesuit institutions and their leadership Father Sullivan and Father Healy for promoting MRC.  A bold and positive move that changed both schools.

    Bernie Steckler, Dean Emeritus

    Posted on Saturday, November 06, 2010
    A sincere salute to Jodi kelly, Michael Andrews and Dave Madsen for arranging and orchestrating these delightful and tear-rendering sessions!  Here's what struck me: a stunning powerpoint presentation on our remarkable namesake; an opportunity to greet former students and faculty colleagues as well as more recent members of the faculty; and, from five alumni who entered MRC from Seattle Prep and MRC Consortium schools, quite different, but complementary accounts of the impact of  the study of humanities on their lives.
    With warmth to all, Bernie

    David Madsen

    Posted on Friday, December 03, 2010
    That's what I love about Bernie Steckler--he gave (and gives) me credit when all I did was show up. The reality is that the Friday afternoon alumni gathering was the work/labor of love of Carol Kelly, our maestra of the arts (and Poverty in America course). It was so good to see and hear from the alumni/alumnae of the college. The panel, which ran the gamut from those present at the creation to one of the first of the BAHT grads, offered us a genuine, heartfelt look into our history. They offered us the opportunity to celebrate our past---and to take great pride in our grads.
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