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  • SU Alums Help Unemployed Youth Start Their Own Microenterprises

    Alumni GDF logoGreenside Development Foundation's mission is to help unemployed youth start and manage their own microenterprise, creating poverty-alleviating employment. Two of our board members are alums of SU.

    We seek to address the youth unemployment crisis by empowering young entrepreneurs through entrepreneurship training, interest-free microloans, and business management consulting.

     Youth Ventures Program

    Our entrepreneur incubator program accepts unemployed youth between the ages of 18 and 35, with an emphasis on especially needy young women.

    Each candidate goes through two selection phases to assure they are the right fit for the program: an Exhibiting Entrepreneurial Qualities Interview and a series of Entrepreneurship trainings. Candidates are trained in market research, creating competitive advantages, return on investment, purchasing from suppliers, sales, advertising, and bookkeeping. These youth then receive one-on-one training in the development of a strategic action plan and timeline for their new business.

    The final stage of their training includes the preparation of a financial plan and start-up budget for their enterprise. We go with the clients to help them purchase the materials and equipment they need. Our Young Entrepreneurs reimburse the cost of their business start-up materials over the course of a year, each with an individualized repayment plan according to the needs of their business.

    At least twice a month, our Young Entrepreneurs receive a visit at their place of business from one of Greenside’s Business Management Consultants. During these meetings, clients receive advice, support and on-going business training to strengthen their skills and develop the enterprise.


    Get Involved!

    As alums of SU, we felt this cause might be one close to your heart and we would be honored if you joined us in the cause.

    With half of all Moroccan youth neither in school nor employed (World Bank 2012), the need for self-employment and job creation is enormous.

    Greenside Development Foundation provides loans interest-free and we do not charge for our trainings or business development consulting. Donations help create a new enterprise that provides employment and income for impoverished young Moroccans.


    “If you are interested in learning more about Greenside Development Foundation or becoming involved in any capacity, please visit our website at

    Thank you!
     Chad Anderson, BBA, 2007, Albers School of Business & Economics Sherry Castro, MAPS, 2001, School of Theology & Ministry







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    Sherry Castro, MAPS, 2001

    Posted on Monday, December 17, 2012
    We are extremely excited about Greenside Development! While at SU we gained a deep and abiding commitment to care for others across the globe. We're very honored to carry values learned at SU to the young people of Morocco. We deeply appreciate this opportunity to share our adventure with you and truly invite you to join us!
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