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  • SU Alums Help Unemployed Youth Start Their Own Microenterprises

    Posted by Caitlin Joyce on 12/14/2012 12:34:38 PM

    Alumni GDF logoGreenside Development Foundation's mission is to help unemployed youth start and manage their own microenterprise, creating poverty-alleviating employment. Two of our board members are alums of SU.

    We seek to address the youth unemployment crisis by empowering young entrepreneurs through entrepreneurship training, interest-free microloans, and business management consulting.

     Youth Ventures Program

    Our entrepreneur incubator program accepts unemployed youth between the ages of 18 and 35, with an emphasis on especially needy young women.

    Each candidate goes through two selection phases to assure they are the right fit for the program: an Exhibiting Entrepreneurial Qualities Interview and a series of Entrepreneurship trainings. Candidates are trained in market research, creating competitive advantages, return on investment, purchasing from suppliers, sales, advertising, and bookkeeping. These youth then receive one-on-one training in the development of a strategic action plan and timeline for their new business.

    The final stage of their training includes the preparation of a financial plan and start-up budget for their enterprise. We go with the clients to help them purchase the materials and equipment they need. Our Young Entrepreneurs reimburse the cost of their business start-up materials over the course of a year, each with an individualized repayment plan according to the needs of their business.

    At least twice a month, our Young Entrepreneurs receive a visit at their place of business from one of Greenside’s Business Management Consultants. During these meetings, clients receive advice, support and on-going business training to strengthen their skills and develop the enterprise.


    Get Involved!

    As alums of SU, we felt this cause might be one close to your heart and we would be honored if you joined us in the cause.

    With half of all Moroccan youth neither in school nor employed (World Bank 2012), the need for self-employment and job creation is enormous.

    Greenside Development Foundation provides loans interest-free and we do not charge for our trainings or business development consulting. Donations help create a new enterprise that provides employment and income for impoverished young Moroccans.


    “If you are interested in learning more about Greenside Development Foundation or becoming involved in any capacity, please visit our website at

    Thank you!
     Chad Anderson, BBA, 2007, Albers School of Business & Economics Sherry Castro, MAPS, 2001, School of Theology & Ministry






    Holiday on the Hill

    Posted by Caitlin Joyce on 12/5/2012 10:35:59 AM

    Come home to Seattle University for the holidays! holiday on the hill

    Please join the Alumni Association for a holiday on the hill, a special Christmas event for alumni, family, and friends. Join us for an afternoon of all the wonderful things that Seattle U has to offer and an advent tradition for the whole family!

    It all begins at 1:00 p.m. in the Connolly Center, when our women’s basketball team takes on Portland State. We hope you’ll come back to campus and support your team – don’t forget to wear red!

    At 4:00 p.m. we celebrate the Advent Season with a mass concelebrated by Fr. Patrick O’Leary, S.J.,
    Fr. Peter Ely, S.J. & Fr. David Anderson, S.J.

    After mass, please join us at the annual Christmas Reception in the Piggott Atrium. The Christmas Reception will be from 5-7:30 p.m.. We will be serving light refreshments and singing Christmas carols. 

    In the spirit of holiday giving, we’ll be collecting canned food for St. Mary’s Food Bank at the reception.

    We hope to see you and your family for the holiday.


    A Message from Magis for December

    Posted by Caitlin Joyce on 12/3/2012 02:23:13 PM

    romo brosAMDG (Ad maiorem Dei gloriam) can be found on many Jesuit University campuses and becomes a concept embraced by Jesuit-educated alumni well beyond their years in school.  This month’s featured Alumni Living the Mission are brothers Job, Abe and Pedro Romo who seek to live AMDG out professionally.  While their chosen careers vary individually from business, personal wellness, to engineering, collectively their Ignatian inspirations from a Jesuit-education are shared. Click here  to read their reflections.


    Upcoming Magis Programs:

    Alumni Advent Mass  – Sunday, December 9, 2012

    Mexico Mission Trek for Alumni  – April 14 to April 20, 2013, Tijuana, Mexico. 

    Magis Mixers  – Join us at the Elysian Brewery every first Thursday of the month for happy hour!  Meet other Jesuit-educated alums and enjoy free appetizers from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

    For details on these and more events, visit Magis online.


    A December Message from Career Services

    Posted by Caitlin Joyce on 12/3/2012 02:13:14 PM

    Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...Career Services Build



     Take a moment and think back about the major decisions you’ve made in your lifetime. Count them. How many did you come up with? Six or seven? More or less, possibly depending on where you are in life and also possibly depending on what you define as a ‘major’ decision. Perhaps going to college and attending Seattle University made your list? Perhaps selecting or changing your major seemed like a big decision at the time? Usually in retrospect, decisions that seemed big or overwhelming at the time tend to seem less so after the fact.  Perhaps getting married, having kids or moving to a new state or country were choices you have made or will make in the future. Perhaps going to graduate school or buying a house, both major investments, are decisions you have or will make. When we approach decisions that are likely to bring changes to our lives, it can bring on feelings of stress and anxiety. Being stressed or overwhelmed may not leave you in the best state of mind to make a good decision.


    So how are we to reduce the stress and feeling of being overwhelmed? How do we define a ‘good’ decision? For our purposes here, I suggest that a ‘good’ decision is one that is well informed and fully thought out. When we realize that we make decisions constantly, everyday, for example when to wake up, what to wear, what to eat, we can see there are many opportunities to explore our decision making process. By exploring our decision making process, we can gain awareness of our tendencies and it is this awareness that is the most effective leverage to improve. Are you the type who either dreads or postpones decisions for as long as possible? Always seeking more information or more possibilities? Or are you the type who is quick and decisive; taking action and pondering the consequences later? Exploring your preferences with a career services professional can help you appreciate your strengths while recognizing your blind spots.


    So what decisions are you facing at the moment? What decisions are you putting off? Get on with it. Break it down into these four smaller steps*.

    1. Get the information and facts you need.

    2. Consider the possibilities and consequences.

    3. Weigh the pros and cons and look at the decision objectively.

    4. Consider your values and who is impacted by your choice.


    Some of these steps will feel easy and natural while others may feel uncomfortable and challenging. By ensuring you work your way through each of these steps, you can add confidence in your balanced approach and in your final decision.

    *Note that these four steps are based on the Jungian, Myers-Briggs model.


    Career Services offers support to our alumni who may be seeking a change. Whether a change of perspective, position, employer or career path, we are here to assist you. Below you will find a list of career services we offer to alumni:

    §  3 one-on-one advising appointments per year

    §  Access to the Redhawk Network, a database of employers and job postings

    §  Involvement in career fairs and other professional networking events

    Visit Career Services to get more details and register for relevant events today!


    An Alumni Holiday Message

    Posted by Caitlin Joyce on 12/3/2012 01:41:39 PM

    SusanVosper2Dear Alumni -

    It is the holiday season, which has me feeling reflective and grateful.  I am grateful tobe a member of such a wonderful and supportive alumni community. I see the passion and commitment you show to your Alma Mater and I feel humbled to be representing you in my position as Assistant Vice President of Alumni Relations for Seattle University.

    This year my office has been in a continual transition which has welcomed a transformation aimed at providing you and the SU community with the best possible alumni experience.  As I reflect on this year, there are things we’ve improved and continue to do well and areas in which we have an opportunity to improve.  As this year comes to a close I can confidently say that we are more committed than ever to deliver on our vision of being a world class alumni relations office and presence for Seattle University. 

    In response to direct feedback we have focused on four goals that will create opportunities to engage our alumni and continue to build out a rock solid foundation that will support Seattle U alumni bringing them together with a lifelong community.   Improving our marketing and increasing outreach to alumni has been a main focus along with understanding what great benefits and services are needed for our alumni.   We have worked consistently to ensure we have a plan that will lead us to success and I encourage you to please review our FY13summary strategic plan.  

    We will continue to grow and improve our efforts to connect with our alumni, wherever they may be.  As I mentioned earlier there were so many accomplishments this year.  In the spirit of reflection, I would like to share with you our FY12 status report for reaching our goals.

    I thank you for your continued support of Seattle University, and of my office.  As always, your thoughts and feedback are encouraged, as you represent the legacy of Seattle University.  If you have not yet had an opportunity to attend one of our many offerings, I hope you’ll look at our upcoming events and join us, with your friends and family in supporting SU.

    I look forward to working with each and everyone one of you in the coming year.

    May peace and love surround you and yours this holiday season.


    Susan R. Vosper '90, '10