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  • Homecoming: Then and Now

    Posted by Caitlin Joyce on 1/8/2014 08:40:13 PM

     Homecoming Graphic 2014

    Returning for homecoming is a great opportunity to keep up with college friends and engage with your university. Despite its long absence, Homecoming has played an important role in Seattle University’s history and in the student experience of many of our alumni. We sat down with alums Carmen Cueto ’13 and Maureen Blum ’78, '85 to learn what homecoming meant to them then and now.

    Then: Maureen Blum, ’78, ’85

    When Maureen was a student, the highlight of homecoming was a winter formal off campus. “Homecoming at Seattle U had a different feel than that of my high school homecoming. Seattle U is not a football school so it had a feeling all its own. Homecoming was a real group affair.”

    Maureen’s favorite Homecoming memory is from 1975 when her (now) husband asked her to the Homecoming dance which they attended with a group of good friends.

     “I think it’s wonderful that the university is bringing homecoming back, especially if you look at the past and the role it played at Seattle University.  The return of homecoming is a great opportunity for alumni to return and interact with the students, serving as a networking opportunity for them to make invaluable contacts.”

    Maureen hopes that in the future Seattle University’s Homecoming will grow, maybe adding a dance that students are excited to attend the way she was excited for homecoming as a student. She also hopes alumni will have a larger role in homecoming, where they can interact with the students and come together as one community. “After all”, Maureen said, “That’s what homecoming is about, alumni returning to their school.”

    And Now: Carmen Cueto, ’13

    Carmen Cueto was part of the first Seattle University class to enjoy the return of homecoming last year and was the first Homecoming Royal to be crowned in nearly 40 years. “It was very surreal to be crowned during the half-time of the homecoming game. It’s not every day you get crowned homecoming royalty,” Carmen said.

    Carmen’s favorite memory of her own homecoming experience was the way in which the university came together to share in their pride of being Seattle U. There was a strong show of student and faculty support leading up to the event and in the stands during the basketball game.

    “I’m excited to see how Seattle University is growing the tradition of homecoming and knowing that I was there at the beginning as it began to grow in momentum.

    I’m an advocate for the students really developing the homecoming experience. If the students get excited about homecoming, then it will transfer over to their alumni experience. They’ll remember it as a  high point from their time at Seattle University and they’ll have that sense of pride and want to come back to celebrate it.”

    Show your Seattle U pride and come back for homecoming February 28-March 2nd.

    An Invitation from Fr. Steve

    Posted by Caitlin Joyce on 1/8/2014 08:22:51 PM

    It is always wonderful to welcome you to campus, but there is one upcoming event, in particular, that I wanted you to know about, even before we start promoting it more widely. Our Search for Meaning Book Festival will take place Saturday, Feb. 15, and features more than 40 prominent authors. Both keynote speakers are Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists and accomplished authors—Katherine Boo wrote the highly acclaimed 2013 book Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death, and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity and Isabel Wilkerson, authored the award-winning The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration.

    Originally launched by our School of Theology and Ministry in 2009, Search for Meaning has quickly become one of the most highly regarded events of its kind with the festival attracting an ever-growing and enthusiastic following. In addition to the general sessions and keynote presentations, the festival offers book signings, interactive experiences and more. Attendees regularly express how much they appreciate the opportunity to hear from some of the leading writers and scholars of our day and to contemplate with others their place and purpose in the world. 


    We are pleased that the festival has struck a chord with so many in our region.
    Because of its increasing stature as a signature event for SU, the festival is now being presented on a university-wide basis.
    I encourage you to read more about the festival and the authors we will be welcoming at Search for Meaning.  Registration will open on January 15th.  If you are interested in playing a volunteer role, we would welcome your service.  Sign up today at
    Thank you for your continued dedication to and support of Seattle University.

    Go Redhawks,

    Stephen V. Sundborg, S.J.
    P.S.-Get the latest information about Seattle U’s SFM Festival

    Magis: Thoughts on the New Year

    Posted by Caitlin Joyce on 1/7/2014 10:29:42 PM

    It’s a New Year and obviously, resolutions abound. Whether it is exercising more and eating better, or making a habit of calling your friends or family each week, this yearly transition ushers newness and with it, an opportunity to embrace life more abundantly, healthily, and creatively.

    Magis New Year Image

    However, have you ever thought to invite God in your exploration of New Year’s resolutions? Perhaps finding a new practice to be still and reflect, journal, or meditate. Or, perhaps it is choosing to carve out space for a retreat where you can ponder prayerfully the ways your life is calling you to new endeavors, habits, or attitudes. As we begin to have longer days with more light and draw more energy from the greening of our environment, take notice of how God might be yearning for you to also be light-filled and changed.

    Magis and the Ignatian Spirituality Center invite young alumni (20’s and 30’s) on Saturday, January 11th for Everyday Ignatian. The retreat will be focused on engaging spiritual practices, and will be hosted at the lovely Peace & Spirituality Center in Bellevue. Check out our online flyer for details and consider it an opportunity to kick off your New Year with God in mind. The Magis staff wishes you the best this New Year and hopes you will consider Magis programs in your resolutions for personal, faith, and leadership development.


    Job Search Strategies—Ads, Agencies, Recruiters, Networking

    Posted by Caitlin Joyce on 1/7/2014 10:24:22 PM

    Headhunter, recruiter, talent scout, executive recruiter, temporary agency,  placement firm, executive search firm, employment agency, body shop—what is the difference between these titles and why does it matter?  Should I use one?  If so, how do I find them?

    Career Services Blog

    In the business of changing jobs there are 3 primary strategies used to identify and pursue opportunities including 

    1.Networking (depending on the survey this comprises 60-80% of how people get jobs)

    2.Agencies & Search Firms (this is often the next highest percentage in surveys since the folks in these companies are professional networkers)

    3.Ads and Applications (even with all the new places we can go to find Job Postings—Indeed, SimplyHired, Idealist, Craigslist, Company Websites, and too many others to name—this is usually 8-15% of how people find jobs)

    Another catch-all bucket that includes techniques specific to certain populations of workers exists for those other circumstances like internships, union hiring, and civil service.  This is the lowest percentage bucket of how people find new roles.

    Strategy number 2 often creates some confusion and misunderstanding.  There are a lot of different forms of external recruiting and the different names effectively have similar meanings.  Agencies and Search Firms perform the recruiting function externally for companies.  Working with an external recruiter can also be a powerful addition to your search plan.  

    You’ll learn about different job search strategies, different agencies and recruiters available to you and how to make the most of these resources by attending the next installment of the SU Advantage Networking Series.

    Job Search Strategies—Ads, Agencies, Recruiters, Networking

    Webinar | Friday, January 10th | 12:00 p.m.

    Bellevue | Wednesday, January 22nd | 5:30-7:00 p.m. 


    Alumni Spotlight: Justin Hanseth, '08

    Posted by Caitlin Joyce on 1/7/2014 10:10:21 PM

    Justin Hanseth, ’08, is a global citizen, excelling professionally and living out the pillars of a Jesuit education.

    Justin Hanseth Headshot

    Justin graduated in 2008 with a BA from Seattle University. Hailing from the Puget Sound area, Justin began working for a local real estate developer while he was a student at Seattle U. Justin always wanted to participate in community service. A mentor in the community gave Justin valuable advice, “If you want to get involved in a cause there is no time like the present. You want to do it when you have the flexibility – in the future, career and family commitments could make it more difficult.”

    With that, Justin began researching the cause that was right for him. A friend put him in contact with Deo Niyizonkiza, a survivor of the brutality in Burundi and the mind behind Village Health Works. His background in agriculture and business led to the development of a food security program for Village Health Works.  The program consists of a farm, demonstration garden, seed bank, and curriculum in sustainable agriculture for malnourished families.

    Justin Hanseth

    Justin did the fundraising, applied for a grant and spent a year in Burundi getting his program off the ground. When Justin arrived in Burundi, he was struck by how such a beautiful landscape had played witness to so much bloodshed. “A lot of people know about Rwanda and the genocide there, but what most don’t know is that it began in Burundi, spilling briefly into Rwanda, and continuing into 2008.”

    Justin’s role in Burundi required a lot of research into the local diet and agriculture. After he identified the local needs, Justin needed to develop a local team to manage the project.  “There’s one professor I had at Seattle University, who really prepared me for this role. I took a Leadership and Team Building course taught by Professor Greg Prussia. Professor Prussia emphasized the concept of buy-in and the need for a team to work together collaboratively.  To make an international development project sustainable, you need buy-in from beneficiaries, local government, team members, and partners.  I learned about buy-in and collaboration from Professor Prussia at Seattle U and  have applied them to every project I’ve taken on since graduating undergrad.”

    When Justin’s program, began to scale and was more self-sufficient, he handed the reins to the local team, and has watched it grow ever since.  “The program has now grown into something much bigger.”


    If you are interested in connecting with alumni who have an interest in the non-profit sector, join us on February 25th for our next SU Advantage networking event which focuses on non-profits and features a brief talk by Dr. Maureen Emerson Feit, Director of the Nonprofit Leadership Program, Institute of Public Service, followed by structured networking.

    SU Advantage | Networking Event
    February 25, 2014| 6:00 p.m.
    Sorrento Hotel




    Alumni Chapters and Regional Programming

    Posted by Caitlin Joyce on 1/7/2014 10:03:47 PM

    This year, your Alumni Association is focusing on engagement opportunities for alumni through regional events and chapter programming. As part of this focus, we are proud to announce the addition of Harmony Frederick to our team. Harmony,  the new Assistant Director of Regional and Chapter Development,  has been with our office for a little over three months and has hit the ground running, working with alumni across the United States to bring Seattle U to your backyard and connecting you back to your university through programming relevant to you.

     Hamrmony & Alums

    We’d  like to let you know about some of the programming headed your way. 

    Upcoming Chapter Events:

    NYC Happy Hour
    January 16, 2014 | New York, New York

    Phoenix, Arizona Pre-Game Rally
    January 25, 2014| Phoenix, Arizona

    Washington, D.C. Reception
    January 31, 2014 | Washington, D.C. 

    Women of SU's Connection Café
    Thursday, January 30, 2014 | Seattle University 

    One of the Seattle U chapters that is gaining traction is the Women of SU. This group has been in the works for quite a while and they are very excited to host their chapter kick-off event on January 30th.

    The kick-off event, entitled Connection Café, will feature a discussion in which alumnae fitness experts, Jessica Notman and Jennifer Hamann, will share their stories of how a healthy lifestyle and self-care have shaped their lives for the better. 

    This group invites the women of the Seattle U together for professional development, inspiration and community building. 

    To learn more about any of the chapters or events listed above, please contact Harmony Frederick. And checkout our events page for future programming - We've got a lot planned for you in the months ahead.

    Be a Mentor!

    Posted by Caitlin Joyce on 1/7/2014 09:53:13 PM

    Career Services provides opportunities to alumni who want to make a difference in the professional development of our students and graduates. Serving as a career mentor gives you a chance to influence the next generation of leaders as they consider their calling and find ways to shape our world. Mentorships are a critical step in evaluating a professional path and you have valuable professional insights to offer.


    As a mentor you will be part of the larger SU mentor community, enabling you to expand your professional networks and leave a lasting legacy while making a difference in the life of an SU student or graduate.

    "I received the promotion I had been working so hard to get. This was largely achieved due to all the great advice and opportunities my mentor, Scott, provided to me. This mentor/mentee program has significantly been of high value to me." - Erin Brown, MPA. (Financial Counseling Supervisor and Compliance Officer at Jefferson Healthcare)

    Register today to be a career mentor and connect in ways that fit your schedule, whether you live near or far.

    If you have questions please contact Lakesha Knatt, Assistant Director of Mentoring Programs in Career Services at or 206 296-8473.