Why Serve?

Posted by Caitlin Joyce on Wednesday, April 2, 2014 at 11:50 PM PDT

 This April 26th marks the third annual National Jesuit Alumni Day of Service, during which alumni from both Seattle U and other Jesuit universities come together to serve our local community. Beyond the value of serving others, day of service participants build community. You will see that you are part of a large community of Jesuit-educated alumni, build community with those you serve and re-connect with your university. 
Past participant Erika Sanchez,’11, said, “My favorite thing about day of service is getting to give back to the community with my alma mater that gave so much to me. It was great to relive and reinforce the values that SU is all about, and to also network and learn from not only fellow SU alums, but those from other universities.” 
There are a variety of service projects to meet the interests of all alumni, including beautifying public spaces, helping the elderly with chores, serving food and more.
“In the project my team and I participated in, we provided a safer and cleaner environment for kids to enjoy their day,” Erika said. “In doing so, I felt more connected to the mission and values of Seattle U-to give back to the community, live your life beyond yourself and do what you can for the greater good of the community around you. I would definitely recommend this day of service to alumni to not only be immersed in your values, but also to step out of the ordinary and give back to others in a small yet extraordinary way."
Other participants have said that:
“It's a valuable and pleasurable service experience. It was an easy way to accomplish something I value, but have limited time to organize on my own, and it was a rare chance to garden. It was also a great way to maximize my time/weekend.”
“I chose to participate to stay connected with my university, to help my husband learn more about what SU has meant to me, to live out service, to do it with friends and to introduce my goddaughter to the meaning and benefits of service!”
“As a part of my Jesuit education, they branded us with 'be the difference' and I think that making a difference through community service helps fulfill that mission.” 
Did you serve? What was meaningful to you about the experience?
Join us on April 26 and “be the difference.”