“The Last Salmon”

Posted by The College of Arts and Sciences on Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at 11:05 PM PDT


“The Last Salmon,” written and directed by Theatre Professor Ki Gottberg, is a family friendly event that has its Seattle premiere on June 18 in the Lee Center for the Arts. The musical, based on a children’s book by Seattle author Phil Davis, tells the story of a gang of salmon, Buck, Spring and pals, who travel from their home in the river to the ocean and back again. The play is designed for children and the people who love them (ages 3 and up) and features seven singers and musicians who tell the story.

“The book and performance honor the abundance of the earth, pointedly enacting how native peoples protect and nourish this precious resource so tied to their livelihood,” Gottberg said. “It’s more a music event than a theater event, and adults will enjoy it as much as the kids.”

Award-winning composer Casey James wrote the music for the play, using various popular forms including hip-hop, rap, and indie-pop. James has written more than 100 songs recorded by major artists including Elton John, the Spinners, Lou Rawls, the Temptations, Johnny Mathis, and Jennifer Lopez.

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