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SU Voice Survey Results Are In!

Posted by The Seattle University Alumni Association on Thursday, April 2, 2020 at 2:19 PM PDT

A sincere thank you to everyone that took the time to complete the SU Voice survey. We had 52 respondents answer questions that will help us refine the content that we put in this newsletter to alumni as well as help us define and plan for new programming for the future. Find some of the highlighted sections of the report below. 

Results showed the majority of readers who answered the survey are either neutral or satisfied with the SU Voice alumni newsletter. 

A bar graph that illustrates the how satisfied or unsatisfied respondents are with the newsletter


Respondents were most interested in reading about the following five topics: university news, alumni member benefits, class notes, alumni profiles and upcoming events.

A bar graph that highlights the top five content areas that people are interested in read about in the SU voice


Survey results also shed light on alumni interest in attending various in-person events.

A bar graph showing interest of event attendance by event type.

As we continue to strategically determine our next steps for expanding our connection to alumni, we are grateful that you have given us this information so we are able to start, stop or continue various programming and communications with you. Our goal is to deepen relationships between the university and our alumni that foster lifelong connection and support to open pathways to engagement in the life of the university.