SU Spirits: Stories of Seattle University's Ghosts

Posted by Caitlin Joyce, '11, '18 on Thursday, October 6, 2016 at 11:25 AM PDT

Fall is the time of year when the days grow shorter, the leaves turn gold and orange and people break out their favorite ghost stories in preparation for Halloween. This October we wanted to join the spine-tingling fun by sharing our own ghost stories and we look no further than our campus for inspiration. We asked faculty, staff, students and Jesuits to share this experiences with the spooky side of Seattle U.  

Our first story comes to us from Bellarmine Hall, a location that has seen many residents come and go and according to one current student, maybe some have chosen to stay behind.

During her sophomore year, Dalena Le and her roommates were preparing for bed, when something unexpected happened. All three were in the room going through their evening routine. Dalena was at the sink next to the doorway washing her face when suddenly the heavy door to the room opened as if someone were coming inside.

 “When the door shut, I alerted my roommates about what happened. We sort of stilled, looking at each other.”

“Was someone there?” they asked.

The answer was, “No.”

Our next story takes us up the hill to another residence hall with a well-known reputation for creepy occurrences. Campion Hall is located on the south side of campus and is 12 stories high. It houses 650 residents and maybe a few more that aren’t on the books.

Last year Margaret Girardin was a freshman living on the 7th floor of Campion Hall.  “My room always had some strange stuff going on. The magnetic closet doors would open, weird sounds, items falling off shelves, including the ceramic cross my friend had made me, which fell and broke. My roommate and I would often get strange feelings.  One night I came back late just as my roommate was about to call and tell me she couldn’t be alone in the room anymore. With all this, it was always a joke with us and our friends that our room was haunted.”

The activity came to a head one evening. “We closed our laptops and went to bed. Later that night I was woken by the shaking of my bed.  I immediately thought that there had been an earthquake. I went to  check my phone and realized I couldn’t move. It felt like I was being pushed by two fingers on each shoulder. I was terrified and I tried to yell out. I heard a voice, which I’d assumed to be my roommates, saying, ‘It’s okay,’ and was able to move. I rolled over and pulled a pillow over my head and went back to sleep, assuming I was just having an incredibly vivid dream and was calling out in my sleep and woke her up.”

The next morning Margaret woke up to find her roommate’s bed empty. It turns out her roommate had been overcome with a strange feeling  during the night and felt unable to stay in the room. At three o’clock in the morning she grabbed her keys and drove home to her parents’ house 30 minutes away.

Margaret isn’t the only one to have experiences in Campion Hall. Campus legend claims a girl died in the building and makes her presence known through mysterious handprints on windows and even by appearing to some of those residents who occupy her former room.

A person doesn’t always need to see something supernatural to get the sense that someone or something paranormal is paying them a visit. One staff member reported receiving over 50 missed calls on her office phone around midnight every night for a few weeks straight.

Who was calling? Someone in the 1103 East Madison building, a former funeral home. Librarians in Lemieux Library claim to smell cigarette smoke around the desk of a former librarian who passed away on campus and was a chain smoker. A few of us in the Alumni Association office have felt a cold breeze followed by footsteps coming up behind us only to turn around and discover we are alone in our cubicles.

Whether you believe in the paranormal or attribute these stories to overactive imaginations, one thing is for sure—fall is the perfect time to turn off the lights and tell some spooky ghost stories.