Seattle U is for a Lifetime

Posted by Isaac Gardon on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 at 11:23 AM PDT

Congrats fellow 2015 grads and hello to the other 73,000 Seattle U alumni!  All of us soon-to-be alumni are getting ready to start the next chapters of our lives. Whether you are an alum in the Seattle area or are living far, far away like me, we’ve all got journeys ahead of us that’ll take us to new heights and opportunities.

For the class of 2015, this is such an exciting time and I hope you are embracing every minute, and taking time to slow down and appreciate the chapter that you just completed. I know from my own experience that Seattle U is where I began to truly understand and find myself, and because of that, I could never just forget about my time here.

Even as an alum, your relationship with SU can be lifelong, full of vast experiences and interactions. As a leader for Student Alumni Ambassadors, I was able to attend many of our alumni events and find inspiration on how to shape my own future as an SU graduate.

It’s in the alumni community where I’ve found both professional and personal mentors, work experience, scholarship opportunities, and advice on how to get the most out of my time as a student at SU. As an alum yourself now, wouldn’t you want to stay connected and give future Redhawks the same chances we received? 

I also learned how much the SU Alumni Association has to offer our alumni.  Professional development and networking opportunities, spiritual growth and service engagement, social connections with like-minded SU graduates, continuing education and a host of other benefits.  There are so many reasons to stay involved.

After experiencing several alumni programs as a student, my fellow SAA graduate, Rachael Hartzell ‘15, said, “It’s so inspiring to see generations of SU alumni together and being recognized for their hard work at events such as the Alumni Awards. It gives me hope for a future of remaining connected to other Redhawks and Seattle University.”

Nelly Villalpando ‘15, added, “It has been great getting to meet people who are also a part of the wonderful community that makes Seattle University. I am proud to be a Redhawk and hope that one day I too can share my experiences with future Redhawks.”

I hope all alumni - new and old - will join us in the efforts to keep the SU spirit alive in the future. Go forth and set the world on fire! I’m excited to see where your journeys take you.


Nina Cataldo ‘15