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Redhawks in Legislature

Posted by Seattle University Alumni Association on Wednesday, March 3, 2021 at 9:41 PM PST

A profile photo of Debra Entenman, '03

Representative Debra Entenman, '03, 47th Legislative District

Learn how Debra Entenman, ’03, is working to build pathways for learning by allowing community and technical schools to issue high school diplomas, creating grants for community colleges to help students facing emergency financial situation and thinking creatively around supporting all constituents pursuing educational pathways.

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A profile photo of Dave Paul, '90

Representative Dave Paul, '90, 10th Legislative District

Discover how Dave Paul, ’90, is addressing major issues of housing, racial justice and closing the wealth gap by serving on the transportation, college and workforce development and education committees all while serving on the Alumni Board of Governors at Seattle U.

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A profile photo of Joe Nguyen, '06

Senator Joe Nguyen, '06, 34th Legislative District

Explore how Joe Nguyen, ’06, is leveraging technology and his role in the legislature to amplify the voices of a diverse cross-section of constituents and community leaders while focusing on empowering marginalized communities.

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A profile photo of Rebecca Saldaña, ’99

Senator Rebecca Saldaña, ’99, 37th Legislative District

Read about how Rebecca Saldaña, ’99, has adjusted to remote work and how her assignments on the Human Services, Reentry and Rehabilitation, Labor, Commerce and Tribal Affairs and transportation committees help to confront and address injustices.

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