My Seattle U Love Story

Posted by Caitlin Joyce on Wednesday, February 5, 2014 at 11:09 PM PST

Judy and Bill Doyle - Married in 1957

Even now, some 55 years after graduating from Seattle University, Bill and Judy Doyle have indelibly fond memories and much gratitude for their Jesuit education. In addition to intellectual stimulation and the challenge of college life, Judy reminisces that “Of course, the best thing that ever happened to me is that I met Bill. He’s my best friend to this day.”

 Adds Bill, “Yes, falling in love with Judy was the best part of the whole experience.”

The two met while involved with “Mu Sigma,” an SU music honorary. “We both sang in the SU Double Quartet and traveled to many places together,” Judy recalls. “On top of these musical engagements we had final exams as well. I remember wondering whether I would survive. It also helped me to stand up in front of people with confidence. That was an unexpected benefit from Seattle University.” The two married in 1957. - Taken from the SU Spring 2011 Legacy Publication


Curly and Judy McNamee - Married 1971

"I first saw Judy in a theology class we were both taking in the Pigott Building in spring quarter of 1964.  The first time I saw Judy I thought she was something special.  I had a friend, Jim Purcell (class of 1967), introduce me to Judy and I eventually asked her to a sock hop (April 3, 1964) and the ROTC Military Ball (April 10, 1964).  We dated frequently through college and we got engaged on her birthday in September of 1968 – about two weeks before I went to Vietnam (I was an ROTC graduate).  Judy and I were married on September 18, 1971 at Holy Rosary Church in West Seattle." 


Matt and Patti Boyle - Married 1972

"Matt and I got married on July 29, 1972, just a month after graduation. We met our freshman year at frosh orientation, and had some freshman classes together. We really didn't start dating until after our freshman year. Some of our first dates were the Seattle Totems hockey games and the Seattle Pilots baseball games. I should have know what I was getting myself into. I took up skiing so that I could spend more time with the guy who was President of the Ski Club. And here we are 42 years later."


Maureen and Tom Blum - Married 1980

"Maureen Haggerty, 1978, 1985 , wanted to stay close to home and opted for Seattle University.  Maureen’s mother and two sisters drove her to Seattle University to move into Bellarmine Hall September 27, 1974.  No sooner had they pulled into the designated parking lot by Bellarmine Hall when two TALL guys wearing white t-shirts with “ASK ME” swooped in.  They emptied the car of Maureen’s college bound necessities while Maureen, her mom, and two sisters followed the “ASK ME” guys to her first dorm room.  All her possessions were deposited with care.   

Who were these handsome men?  Maureen was too shy to find out who they were, though she saw these guys from afar at various new student events.  One of the “ASK ME” guys, Tom Blum, stopped by her dorm room to visit with her roommate, Carol.  Carol was not there and Tom was too polite to leave.  So he stayed to visit.  Friendship began to grow.  

Maureen and Tom’s friends seemed to see something before they did.  At meals in the cafeteria the new acquaintances always found a way for Maureen to sit by Tom.  Sometimes a seat was saved, other times a friend would get up and move so Maureen could sit next to Tom.  A visit to the Santa at Bellarmine Hall in December, 1974 had Maureen wishing for Tom.  

It seems fate was cast at the annual Seattle University  “Vegas Night”.  Friends set  up Tom and Maureen.  They we were married  in a “thirty second” wedding with Rick Bressler, ’77 and Patty Eaton, ’77 as the “Best Man” and “Maid of Honor”.   Six years later Tom “asked” Maureen and they were married at St. Louise, Bellevue, WA.  Tom works for Snohomish County Assessor’s office and Maureen is in her 34th  year working for the Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of Seattle.  They have a daughter, Katie, son-in-law, Zach and granddaughter, Lily May!  They celebrated their 33rd  wedding anniversary on August, 9, 2013.  The friendship formed at Seattle University along with love and patience and taking intentional time to be together are part of the recipe for their long marriage.  The Seattle University New Student Orientation “Ask Me”  t-shirts mean a lot to the Blum’s."


Esther and Tom Drouin - Married 1982


"Tom Drouin was an incoming junior transfer student from Olympic College (Bremerton).  Esther Volpe was a freshman at Seattle University.  They met at an orientation dance in September of 1977 at Bellarmine Hall.  We married on May 1, 1982 at Rosary Heights in Woodway Washington (Dominican Sisters residence).  Reverend Engelbert Axer, S.J. (Seattle University Jesuit-- philosophy professor) performed the wedding ceremony.

Tom and Esther have three children and reside in Edmonds, Washington."   


Katie and Jeff Favilla - Married 2012

"My husband, Jeff Favilla, and I first met in the halls of Campion floor 4, where we bonded over our love of Starbucks, late night Sports Center watching, and Mariners baseball. He was living in a dorm room surrounded by my fellow SU softball teammates, so we had mutual friends and quickly realized how much we liked spending time together.

We became inseparable and dated throughout our years at SU, sharing the memories of Quadstock, late night Bistro date nights, and Seattle U sporting events as the school took its journey to Division I. Jeff became my biggest fan, coming to all my SU softball games, no matter rain or shine, cheering me on in the sport that truly defined my time and passion at Seattle U. I was there to celebrate his academic achievements, watching him earn accounting internships and become part of Beta Alpha Psi, the accounting fraternity at Seattle U, as well as both of us there at each others graduations, getting to watch each other walk across that stage.

When it came time to get married, 5 years after we had met in the lime green colored hall of Campion dorm, we both knew there would be no other place besides the Chapel of St. Ignatius where we wanted to exchange our vows. Seattle U was a place where our lives as a couple began and we were ready to share our beautiful campus and SU experience with our family and friends. So on August 25th, 2012, a glorious sunny, Seattle day, we said "I do" in front of a full St. Ignatius Chapel, and it could not have been more perfect.

Seattle U gave us amazing college memories, and it also gave us each other, and for that, we are forever grateful for SU's part in our amazing love story."


DJ and Lauren Weidner - Married 2012

"How we met: That's complicated because it's different based on who you talk with. Lauren would say that she first saw me onstage at Freshman orientation. I was an Orientation Adviser and she was in the audience. She says she immediately had an odd feeling that she would date me - she thought she was crazy so she ignored it. We didn't meet each other for another two years.  Technically, I met Lauren at a party I was having at my Murphy Apartment. She came over with some mutual friends. To be honest, I thought she was interested in one of my friends but by the end of the evening, we had hit it off. We really got to know each other as Orientation Advisers. I was actually an O.C. and she was was an O.A. We weren't supposed to be dating so we kept it a secret for 3-4 months before we told anyone. Anyone who knows me understands how difficult it is for me to be subtle. We started dating at the end of her sophomore year (my junior) and dated until 2012. We got married at Crystal Mountain on August 25, 2012 on a sunny day with Mt. Rainier shining the background. We're together because Seattle U brought us together."

Kristine and Peter Daugherty - Married 2013

"Peter and I met my junior year his senior year (2010). He graduated through ROTC, went through training in Georgia and then got stationed at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas. I finished school at SU and then moved to Texas during that summer. We got married this past December 21, 2013 in Lafayette, California, about 40 mins from San Francisco."


Amanda Gilbert and Zach Gerdes - To Be Married 2014


"We met our freshmen year at Seattle University. We were both in the Faith and the Great Ideas Living Learning Community on the 5th floor of Bellarmine Residence Hall. In our F&GI English 120 course together fall quarter, Professor Charles Tung advised the group: “You should try sitting next to someone new. Who knows? You might end up marrying them.” Little did Dr. Tung know how true his statement would be. We began dating in the spring of freshmen year (2008) and were engaged five years later. The wedding is scheduled for summer 2014 in Amanda’s home state of California at a winery in the Napa Valley."