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Posted by GOLD Council on Friday, September 11, 2020 at 1:23 PM PDT

Question: What have you been up to during quarantine?

A photo of Nina

Nina Cataldo, ‘15

I've been cooking and experimenting with recipes! And I've learned to enjoy and appreciate more time alone - something I've never been good at  before."

A profile photo of Alex standing in front of the water

Alex Cartagena, ‘17

“This summer I did a road trip. Seattle -> Idaho -> Montana-> Wyoming ->Utah ->Nevada -> Oregon and back. I had the opportunity to do some beautiful sightseeing and eat a lot of ice cream from local shops."

A photo of Rose sitting on a boat

Rose Breeskin, ‘13, ‘16

“During quarantine I’ve gone on several sailing trips in the San Juan Islands, baked a lot of bread and pies, and taught myself how to do fancy manicures at home!”

A profile photo of Katie standing in front of neon lights

Katie Bradley, ‘18

“Traveled back to Colorado and went on a bunch of hikes with my family - it was great to see my family and explore new trails.” 


A photo of Zack with a holiday suit jacket


Zack Kravey, ‘19

“I fulfilled a decade-long passion and got a job at a bike shop, learning how to become a bike technician. I recently started taking up downhill mountain biking and am looking forward to graduating from green/blue trails and eventually take on some bigger jumps!” 

A photo of two women standing in a field with face masks on

Caitlin Joyce, ‘11, ‘18

“I took my mom social distancing blueberry picking in Snohomish and got 5 pounds of delicious blues!”  


A photo of Nick holding a clear umbrella standing in the rain

Nick Skok, ‘13

“I stayed in Japan during the quarantine as the situation was better controlled without food or toilet paper shortages.” 


A photo of John standing in front of a skyline


John Fulmer, ‘15, ‘18

“I’ve been getting into road biking and fly fishing! After work I’m usually riding my bike around SLU or on the Burke-Gilman, and on the weekends I’m usually hanging out on the Snoqualmie river.”