Magis Memo: Building Community

Posted by Amanda Kelly on Thursday, December 1, 2011 at 8:18 AM PST

Have you been looking to build community and connect with other alumni on a consistent basis? As we all may know,building a community of love and support doesn’t just happen – it is something that we must work at. It is in this spirit that Magis is offering a new opportunity for Jesuit-educated alumni to build, grow, and journey in community together but with the support needed to make it last.

Magis is sponsoring Small Groups for Jesuit-educated alumni who are interested in forming a group of 5-10 people, and would gather to reflect together at least once a month around an interest that is aligned with Magis’ mission and core values of service, spirituality or leadership.  There is already a Magis Married Couples group and Mamas of Young Children group that have formed and meet on a monthly basis. Other possibilities might include: Alumni of Color, Retirees, New to Seattle, Prayer/Faith Sharing, Young Professionals, 50+, or Men’s or Women’s Groups. The group must provide its own alumni leadership and Magis can provide free meeting space at Seattle University, help with recruitment of and marketing to participants, resources and potential funding, and guidance in the beginning stage (e.g. vision, meeting format). If you are interested, please contact Maria Ochoa to learn more.  

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