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Living a Legacy - From Father to Daughter

Posted by The Seattle University Alumni Association on Thursday, October 3, 2019 at 3:08 PM PDT

Profile pictures of BJ and Cymran Giri

Originally from Nepal, BJ Giri, ‘86, came to Seattle University on a scholarship to pursue a degree in engineering. “My father had previously worked in the Northwest and really wanted me to go to school here,” said Giri. While attending Seattle U he connected with his professors and was involved in several intramural sports. “SU is great! I loved living and working as an RA in the dorms because it allowed me to meet lots of different people from all over the world,” said Giri.

When it was time for his daughter, Cymran, to explore colleges, he suggested that she look at Seattle University. “It’s always great to have your kids follow in your footsteps. I told her it was a great school and I really enjoyed being there, and now, I think she does too,” said Giri.

“My dad encouraged me to look into Seattle University. He told me he got really close to his professors and was able to talk to them about more than education. I thought that was awesome! I knew that I wanted that experience, too,” said Cymran, ‘22. Throughout her first year at SU, she enjoyed participating in thought-provoking discussions in theology class and connecting with faculty members providing her the same Seattle U experience she had always heard from her father.

Last year, their family attended the Legacy Family Celebration where Cymran, as a freshman, was pinned as a legacy student. “It was really cool to see a diverse group of families and all the different generations,” said Cymran. This year, she will have the opportunity to tell her story and what it means to be a part of a legacy family.

Are you a member of multigenerational Seattle U family? Celebrate your family’s SU tradition with us by attending the Legacy Family Celebration.

Friday, October 25
6:30-8:30 p.m.
Campion Ballroom