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Launch Your Career with Redhawk Landing

Posted by The Seattle University Alumni Association on Thursday, June 4, 2020 at 9:34 AM PDT

Career mentorship can be pivotal in helping recent graduates launch their careers. The new Seattle University Redhawk Landing (RHL) platform connects our newest alumni—the Class of 2020—with more experienced alumni, helping to build mentorship relationships.  

Redhawk Landing is valuable to the Class of 2020 in a number of ways: 

  • Connect with global network of Redhawk alumni
  • Find both short- and long-term mentors 
  • Seek professional advice from diverse industry professionals 
  • Keep the peer connections you currently have and want to maintain 
  • Join affinity groups based on interests, geographic areas, involvement at Seattle U and more 

With RHL, both mentors and mentees indicate the type of mentoring relationship they are interested in—from a short phone call to a longer-term engagement—and their specific interest areas to advance their professional journey. RHL suggests alumni to contact based on the answers and participants can search the full directory. 

"As a recent graduate, I wish I had some type of program like this when I was in school to be able to reach out and build a network with  alumni to be able to get mentorship. I think this is going to be a good thing for students," said R.J. Realubit , ’17.

Engaging on Redhawk Landing can be as easy as connecting over coffee, answering a few questions over email or video chatting. Mentees gain fresh perspective, answers to questions, specific advice based on their needs and connections to help them grow in their career.

Building community and supporting each other is more important now than than ever. Register now and find your mentor.