Job Search Strategies—Ads, Agencies, Recruiters, Networking

Posted by Caitlin Joyce on Tuesday, January 7, 2014 at 10:24 PM PST

Headhunter, recruiter, talent scout, executive recruiter, temporary agency,  placement firm, executive search firm, employment agency, body shop—what is the difference between these titles and why does it matter?  Should I use one?  If so, how do I find them?

In the business of changing jobs there are 3 primary strategies used to identify and pursue opportunities including 

1.Networking (depending on the survey this comprises 60-80% of how people get jobs)

2.Agencies & Search Firms (this is often the next highest percentage in surveys since the folks in these companies are professional networkers)

3.Ads and Applications (even with all the new places we can go to find Job Postings—Indeed, SimplyHired, Idealist, Craigslist, Company Websites, and too many others to name—this is usually 8-15% of how people find jobs)

Another catch-all bucket that includes techniques specific to certain populations of workers exists for those other circumstances like internships, union hiring, and civil service.  This is the lowest percentage bucket of how people find new roles.

Strategy number 2 often creates some confusion and misunderstanding.  There are a lot of different forms of external recruiting and the different names effectively have similar meanings.  Agencies and Search Firms perform the recruiting function externally for companies.  Working with an external recruiter can also be a powerful addition to your search plan.  

You’ll learn about different job search strategies, different agencies and recruiters available to you and how to make the most of these resources by attending the next installment of the SU Advantage Networking Series.

Job Search Strategies—Ads, Agencies, Recruiters, Networking

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