Homecoming: Then and Now

Posted by Caitlin Joyce on Wednesday, January 8, 2014 at 8:40 PM PST


Returning for homecoming is a great opportunity to keep up with college friends and engage with your university. Despite its long absence, Homecoming has played an important role in Seattle University’s history and in the student experience of many of our alumni. We sat down with alums Carmen Cueto ’13 and Maureen Blum ’78, '85 to learn what homecoming meant to them then and now.

Then: Maureen Blum, ’78, ’85

When Maureen was a student, the highlight of homecoming was a winter formal off campus. “Homecoming at Seattle U had a different feel than that of my high school homecoming. Seattle U is not a football school so it had a feeling all its own. Homecoming was a real group affair.”

Maureen’s favorite Homecoming memory is from 1975 when her (now) husband asked her to the Homecoming dance which they attended with a group of good friends.

 “I think it’s wonderful that the university is bringing homecoming back, especially if you look at the past and the role it played at Seattle University.  The return of homecoming is a great opportunity for alumni to return and interact with the students, serving as a networking opportunity for them to make invaluable contacts.”

Maureen hopes that in the future Seattle University’s Homecoming will grow, maybe adding a dance that students are excited to attend the way she was excited for homecoming as a student. She also hopes alumni will have a larger role in homecoming, where they can interact with the students and come together as one community. “After all”, Maureen said, “That’s what homecoming is about, alumni returning to their school.”

And Now: Carmen Cueto, ’13

Carmen Cueto was part of the first Seattle University class to enjoy the return of homecoming last year and was the first Homecoming Royal to be crowned in nearly 40 years. “It was very surreal to be crowned during the half-time of the homecoming game. It’s not every day you get crowned homecoming royalty,” Carmen said.

Carmen’s favorite memory of her own homecoming experience was the way in which the university came together to share in their pride of being Seattle U. There was a strong show of student and faculty support leading up to the event and in the stands during the basketball game.

“I’m excited to see how Seattle University is growing the tradition of homecoming and knowing that I was there at the beginning as it began to grow in momentum.

I’m an advocate for the students really developing the homecoming experience. If the students get excited about homecoming, then it will transfer over to their alumni experience. They’ll remember it as a  high point from their time at Seattle University and they’ll have that sense of pride and want to come back to celebrate it.”

Show your Seattle U pride and come back for homecoming February 28-March 2nd.