Creating Long Lasting Connections

Posted by Eashudee (Hanna-Marie Lucero), ‘20

A group photo of the Indigenous Student Association groupMy name is Eashudee (Hanna-Marie Lucero) and I’m from the Pueblo of Isleta in New Mexico. I graduated from Seattle University in spring 2020 with a BA in Environmental Studies focusing on Urban Sustainability and a minor in biology. While on campus, I was very involved in clubs and different committees (including the Indigenous Student Association, Green Team and Earth Month committee) which allowed me to work with passionate staff, faculty, and peers to educate people on their waste practices while creating community for Indigenous peoples on campus. Being involved gave me the opportunity to network, which eventually led to my work study with the Indigenous Peoples Institute (IPI) on campus. When I graduated, IPI decided to keep me as the temporary administrative assistant which I’m eternally grateful for, as I’m able to give back to people that support me wholeheartedly while I apply to graduate school.  

The Seattle University Alumni Association hosts over 20 different regional chapters, affinity groups, and business alliances. By joining the Sustainability Coalition and starting the Indigenous Alumni group, I’m able to keep working on issues I'm passionate about with the people I met in my undergrad. Staying connected to the SU community is important to me – the work we’re doing on campus doesn’t stop once we graduate. Bettering ourselves, our practices, and our communities to make sure that all voices are heard, valued, and listened to is a continuing process that needs commitment. With the support of the Seattle University Alumni Association, alumni are able to support one another while we work towards creating a more sustainable, just and accepting world.

Being actively involved in the Alumni Association has helped me stay connected to my friends while also meeting new people who I didn’t know as a student. One alumna I recently met reached out to me after an alumni event to offer mentorship advice, which I gladly accepted. I wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of this opportunity if I wasn’t involved and connected. The Alumni Association not only helps people stay connected to SU – it allows us to reconnect with the SU community in new ways that we didn’t explore before, which is something that I wasn’t expecting but am grateful for! I am excited to continue to be an active participant in the Alumni Association because of their welcoming, supportive and wonderful staff who work hard to create space for alumni to continue to create community, which I think is something that all alumni should take advantage of.

Eashudee’s involvement in various alumni communities is a great example for alumni to participate in Our Moment for Mission: The President’s Challenge. Find our all the different alumni communities by visiting our website and completing our interest form so we can get you connected to a group today! If you have any specific alumni community questions, please feel free to contact Bianca Galam at