Christmas Dinner at Bailey Boushay

Posted by Amanda Kelly on Thursday, December 23, 2010 at 9:33 AM PST


Last Friday night I attended a dinner at Bailey-Boushay House. The following story was shared at the table I joined:

In 1993 Tim was a nurse bringing care to peoples homes in Louisville, Kentucky. One patient was a quadriplegic who was injured some years before Tim came on board to help the man's family with his care. Tim was at the home every other day helping with all the duties required for the patient and the family. Time passed and friendships grew. In 1998 Tim became dreadfully ill. The prognosis was not good though he fought a heck of a battle in the hospital critical care ward. Everything began to go wrong with the end in sight. After a bit of time Tim was diagnosed with AIDS. A slow recovery process finally allowed him to leave hospital. In 1998 there was not too much hope for one diagnosed with AIDS. The family that Tim was caring for began to care for him as soon as he left the hospital. Because of an upcoming family wedding in Seattle, and the desire to be near their family, Tim's Louisville friends decided to move lock stock and barrel to Seattle. They brought Tim with them moving him into their new house in Seattle to care for him. He was feed baby food until he became well enough to eat solid food. He was hovered over willing wellness into him until he finally became healthy enough to take a nursing job and find a place of his own.

Tim continued to take care of the gentleman visiting their home a number of times a week. AIDS never seems to take a rest finally demanding that Tim give up his apartment and move into Bailey-Boushay House to receive the kind of care he needs around the clock. The man he cared for died this year leaving a large hole in Tim's heart. He was survived by his wife who was introduced to all of us by Tim, "This is my mom, she gave me my life..." (Tim's birth mom died early in 2010)

M. Barrett Miller ‘68