Alumni Spotlight: Nick McCarvel '08

Posted by Caitlin Joyce on Wednesday, February 5, 2014 at 5:55 PM PST

Nick McCarvel '08, found his way to Seattle University from Helena Montana while searching for a personalized education in a big city. He saw Seattle U’s urban campus as an educational playground that he could utilize to get the best education.  It didn’t hurt that he grew up in a household that stressed moral values, similar to those of the Jesuits. 


Since the age of fourteen Nick knew he wanted to be a journalist. Two years into his Seattle University education he was confident that media was still the full-time job he wanted to pursue. The professors at Seattle U, especially Dr. Sonora Jha and Gary Atkins, played an integral role in making sure that Nick and his classmates were prepared for a career in media, demanding quality work and ethical journalism. His education emphasized a global world which would help shape how he viewed the subjects of his articles.


This February, Nick has the chance to see one of his dreams come true, when he’ll act as the rink-side web producer for NBC, covering figure skating at the winter Olympics. Attending the Olympics in Russia brings with it its own host of challenges, but he looks at it as an adventure that he is all too excited to begin. 


In the past Nick has written for a Tennis publication, giving him the opportunity to go abroad and cover the international sports scene. It was that opportunity that he feels helped prepare him for the challenges and adventures waiting for him in Sochi Russia


“I’ve had pinch me moments, I think the one that stands out the most is being center court and Wimbledon. It’s a world stage that I’ve dreamed of since I was a kid.” 


Nick’s favorite part of covering international sporting events is sharing the venue with athletes who are also living out their dreams. 
“It’s about connecting with them on a human level, of witnessing someone making their dreams come true.” 
Nick moved to New York five years ago; where he began working at a non-profit supporting the homeless with AIDS, and went on to land jobs in his career field, including his current contract with NBC. Nick is someone who is out there really chasing his dreams. “It’s easy to get a 9-5 but I’m really putting myself out there and I’m proud of where I’ve gotten on my own.” 


Nick’s experience has taught him that to be successful, the best you can do is be a human. Make yourself personable, send “thank you” notes and be someone others want to work with. Being able to produce good work and build strong relationship well help people go the extra step for you and help you develop your career and follow your dreams.